From the electric starter on the Honda Talon to the various electric-powered accessories and components, the Honda Talon electrical system is not something that should be discounted, ignored, or overlooked. If you have added auxiliary lighting to your machine or other energy-intensive accessories like winches, sound systems, and communication devices, ensuring that your machine’s electrical system is sufficiently powered is important. Furthermore, doing things like adding dielectric grease to wire terminals and connection points will keep them from oxidizing, and running aftermarket fuse panels with 50A Maxi fuses and circuit breakers can provide extra protection against short circuits and current surges. Some riders like to add an additional battery to their Honda Talon’s electrical system, which can be connected to the stock battery with an isolator/split charge relay or used exclusively to power aftermarket accessories.

Many riders use rocker switches mounted to the dash or center console to control the various accessories connected to the Honda Talon’s electrical system. Some accessories can be wired to turn on with the key, while others will drain the battery if they’re not connected to a power switch. Inquisitive Honda Talon owners may have noticed a red plug under the driver's seat. This is the port for the diagnostic scanner to plug into. If you look close, you will see that it's plugged into a blank to keep the connections clean. In addition to this plug, there is also a seat belt plug under the seat, which, if unplugged, will restrict your vehicle's speed to under 12mph. While seat belt bypass plugs are available, you can simply cut the plug, strip back the wires' insulation, and connect the wires with an electric nut. Whether you’re trying to augment your machine’s electric system or diagnose/fix electrical issues, if you need any electric part or component for your Honda Talon, you can find what you’re after at Everything Honda Offroad.

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