Front Differential

The stock front differential in the Honda Talon is tough, but anything in a UTV can break if you send it hard enough. So if your Honda Talon front differential is leaking, cracked, or damaged beyond all repair, you’re at the right place. While some lines in the front differential housing can be caused by the aluminum casting process — made when one section of the die is colder than the other sections — this is generally an aesthetic issue, and won’t affect the strength of the differential. You can never be too careful, however. So whether it’s a casting defect or a crack caused by your own crazy driving style, even the smallest surface scratches can eventually break all the way through if stressed enough. And if you feel unusual vibrations or notice that the front differential seals are leaking, you’ve definitely got a problem. Thankfully, whether you need a full front differential replacement in your Honda Talon or just a few simple components, at Everything Honda Offroad, we’ve got the parts for you.

Some riders think that Honda should have put a switch-operated locking front differential in the Honda Talon instead of the I-4WD front differential. For things like rock crawling, however, the I-4WD front diff is quite exceptional. It essentially uses sensors to tell the machine which wheel to put power to, functioning like a locker but without stiff steering. Some riders argue that you can’t rely on sensors for mudding applications, but compared to machines with locking front differentials, the traction advantages are clear. Faulty speed sensors that cause the Talon’s I-4WD light to come on in the Honda Talon can be replaced, and low front differential fluid levels can be topped up. But if you need a new front differential or some front differential components for your Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad is the place to go.

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