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For the best Honda Talon front drive line and front suspension upgrades, Everything Honda Offroad is the go-to destination for new side-by-side owners and experienced UTV riders alike. And for those that got a little overconfident when driving, we also have front drive line and front suspension replacements for the Honda Talon as well. Need a new cushion assembly or reducer eyelet on your front suspension setup? We can help with that. Did you damage your dampening adjustment knob and are no longer able to change your suspension settings? We have those available as well. From upper and lower spherical bearings to bolt flanges, reservoirs, and base valves, for anything and everything front suspension or drive line related, Everything Honda Offroad has you covered. Depending on what kind of riding you do, you might want to upgrade your front suspension. Tender springs are great additions, which can help support heavier loads and give riders a softer ride. Eibach, for example, makes a variety of spring kits for both casual and technical Honda Talon riders. Their Stage 2 performance springs are great for weekend warriors and trail rippers, while their Stage 3 springs are perfect for people that have added excessive weight to their machine — by installing spare tires, heavy toolboxes, loaded-down cargo racks, etc.

For Talons that use live valve front suspension setups, the shocks tend to lose nitrogen over time -- much like tires lose air and need to be refilled periodically. That loss of nitrogen volume manifests itself as a PSI drop, and the amount or degree of PSI drop is directly correlated to the ratio of the “nitrogen lost through normal use” to the “total volume” of the OEM reservoir — the smaller the reservoir, the larger the PSI drop will be. By incorporating high volume replacement end caps into live valve suspension setups, Honda Talon owners can increase their rear and front shocks' reservoir volume size, making it so that the nitrogen volume lost over time from normal use is a smaller percentage of the total. Be it aftermarket Honda Talon suspension springs, replacement shock endcaps, or other upgrades/replacements for the front drive line of the Honda Talon. It can all be found at Everything Honda Offroad.

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