Fuel / Intake

Are you experiencing stalling issues in your Honda Talon? Does your machine stutter, putter, or lag when you hit the throttle from a complete stop? If you answered yes, there might be a problem with your Honda Talon fuel or intake system. Water in the fuel tank can cause serious issues, so can using crappy fuel with too many impurities. While ECU tuners can optimize fuel mapping, they can’t do anything to prevent the adverse effects of inferior fuel. So aside from using quality fuel in your Honda Talon, the best way to keep your fuel tank water-free is to use intake accessories like snorkels, billet intakes, and aftermarket Honda Talon intake tubes. As far as air intakes go, many riders like to use pre-filters like the ones by UNI, while particle separators like the ones by S&B, Sy-Klone, and Donaldson are popular Honda Talon intake accessories as well. If you ride in dusty conditions, pre-filters and particle separators will definitely contribute to a happy and healthy machine.

In addition to intakes, Everything Honda Offroad also offers other fuel-related parts and accessories for the Honda Talon. We have Honda Talon fuel pump units complete with all the hoses, gaskets, clips, and clamps for a quick and easy install in your UTV. We also have replacement fuel tanks as well as external fuel packs for destination riders that require extra gasoline to get where they’re going. No matter what your Honda Talon requires in the intake or fuel department, Everything Honda Offroad is here to assist. And with super quick shipping times and unbeatable customer service, we guarantee you’ll keep coming back even after all your Honda Talon fuel and intake needs have been met. So scroll down, find exactly what you need, and place that order right now! And when your fuel or intake gear arrives at your door, you won’t regret that you did.

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