Rear Drive Line / Suspension

For the best rear-drive lines and rear suspension parts, kits, and components to use in the Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad is the preferred retailer for all things Honda Talon. Whether it’s the circular clips, bearings, and angular balls that attach the rear driveline of the Honda Talon to the wheel hubs, or inboard joints, outboard bands, and drive line boots, you’re sure to find whatever Honda Talon driveline component you’re after at Everything Honda Offroad. In addition to rear drive line components, we also offer complete driveline kits for those who can’t be bothered with piecing together replacement parts. And for riders that need something a little stronger and sturdier for racing, hill climbing, or rock crawling, Everything Honda Offroad has aftermarket rear drive lines for the Honda Talon that can withstand any punishment that you subject it to.

While you might not care about your rear drive line until something goes wrong, the rear suspension in the Honda Talon is a different story. Even if the stock rear suspension setup in your Honda Talon is perfectly functional, you might still want to tweak it to suit your riding needs better. HD springs can be installed to better handle the extra pounds for those with numerous aftermarket accessories and a good deal of sprung weight. Furthermore, many riders with live valve rear suspension in their Honda Talons like to upgrade their shocks' endcaps. The rubber pellet system used on almost all OEM Fox UTV shocks are not only leak-prone, but are also not easy to use or maintain. If you want to recharge, check, monitor, or adjust the reservoir's nitrogen pressure, you will need to pierce the rubber plug on the OEM endcaps with a needle. That very act immediately adds the potential for a leak to develop -- if you don’t already have one. But with high-volume replacement endcaps that use o-ring backed shrader valves, not only are the shocks easier to check and refill, but the valve is also recessed into a pocket, which protects it from flying rocks, errant branches, and other trailside hazards. Whatever you’re after regarding Honda Talon rear drive lines and rear suspension, the best place to shop is Everything Honda Offroad.

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