From Honda Talon steering wheels, steering shafts, and steering columns to steering gearboxes and other steering-related components, if your Honda Talon isn’t steering like it should, Everything Honda Offroad has the solutions for you. Aftermarket steering accessories for the Honda Talon, like steering quickeners, are popular, which come in 2:1 and 1.5:1 ratios with both push-button and paddle shift options. And while steering with the throttle can improve the turning radius in the Honda Talon R, the R's steering rack is limited by design to help prevent wear and tear. For better turning and tighter steering abilities, the Talon X is better in that regard. Irrespective of the turning radius, as far as steering goes, the main interface between the driver and the machine’s steering system is the steering wheel. Aftermarket Honda Talon steering wheels like those by Hess can be added, and detachable steering wheels and steering wheels with built-in horns and buttons are also common. The Honda Talon is one of the few UTVs that comes with stock paddle shifters on the steering wheel, so no old steering wheel can be thrown on and expected to work properly. 


If you need a new Honda Talon steering wheel or some steering wheel components like steering caps, upper and lower paddle covers, or rubber dust seals, Everything Honda Offroad has your back. Where electronic power steering is concerned, we have you covered there as well. Be it steering racks, steering shafts, or the various bolts, nuts, and washers to keep everything connected, the one-stop-shop that Honda side-by-side owners trust is Everything Honda Offroad. So if your steering is misaligned, if you damaged a component of your Honda Talon steering system, or if you just want to upgrade a specific part of your rig’s steering system for better performance, you know where to go for the best Honda Talon steering parts, kits, and accessories. 


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