Tools / Accessories

Be it for a trailside fix or an at-home repair job, having the right Honda Talon tools is an important part of owning a Honda side-by-side. Sure, you may not need to make as many fixes or repairs as a Polaris owner, but it’s still nice to have tools for emergencies when riding or for doing your own scheduled maintenance at home. Since the Honda Talon is not belt-driven, you don’t have to lug around the tools required to change a belt. However, it is still prudent to carry a tool box with standard wrench sets, sockets, screwdrivers, and other commonly-used UTV tools. On the maintenance side of things, a bearing grease tool is one device that you definitely must own. Especially if you ride a lot of mud, you’ll be replacing bearings left and right after only a couple hundred miles if you don’t pack them full of grease periodically. Many companies make grease guns for the Honda Talon, one of which being CATech. Their 40mm grease gun works great, and is reasonably priced — especially if you consider the alternative of purchasing wheel bearings all the time. Push pin tools aren’t absolutely necessary, but they do come in handy for installing doors. For riders looking to install aftermarket nitrogen reservoir caps on their live valve shocks, a special tool is required for that.

Some aftermarket accessories and kits for the Honda Talon come with the tools required to install them. Others, however, do not. So if you’re missing a tool and you can’t find it anywhere, Everything Honda Offroad has the Honda Talon tools for you. And even though the Honda Talon is notorious for being reliably dependable, the other accessories you run might not be. If you didn’t buy your winch from Everything Honda Offroad, you might need some tools to work it over should it give out in the field. Similarly, some electric tools are good to have if you’ve done any modifications to your machine’s electrical system. Voltage meters, wire strippers, linesman pliers, and other basic hand tools should be more than sufficient to install or fix any UTV stereo, fuse block, or circuit panel in the Honda Talon. Most Honda Talon riders already own the standard tools required to work on their machines. But for those UTV-specific tools or Honda Talon tool kits, look no further than Everything Honda Offroad.

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