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No matter the size or style, the best Honda Talon roof racks are all available at Everything Honda Offroad! From safari racks to racks made specifically for the Honda Talon R or Honda Talon X, don’t wait and get a Honda Talon roof rack for your rig today!

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It’s no secret that the Honda Talon was designed less for work and more for play. As with anything in life, this comes with some tradeoffs. One of these tradeoffs in particular is storage space. Unlike the Honda Pioneer, the Honda Talon doesn’t have as spacious of a bed. The upside of this is that it gives the Honda Talon a sportier, more agile design that’s better suited for high-speed trail riding and racing. The downside of this, however, is that you’re not left with a lot of room to store gear and equipment for whatever off-road activities you enjoy doing. Similarly, it can be hard to use your Honda Talon for work around the farm, ranch, or construction site when you don’t have a ton of room to store the tools, equipment, and cargo needed to get the job done. It’s a shame to not be able to get the most out of your Honda Talon due to its limited storage space.

Just because you chose action over utility when you went with the Honda Talon over the Honda Pioneer doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to get the best of both worlds. Lucky for you, there are so many different ways to upgrade the storage space of your Honda Talon. Some riders may choose to upgrade their Honda Talon with aftermarket side by side storage accessories like door bags and roll cage bags, while others may go so far as to install bed extenders into the bed of their Honda Talon. If you ask us though, the best place to store things on a UTV or side by side like the Honda Talon is on the roof, and the best way to store things on your Honda Talon’s roof is with an aftermarket UTV roof rack, safari rack, or set of roof rails.

UTV roof racks allow you to safely store cargo up and out of the way on your Honda Talon. This means you don’t have to sacrifice storage space on other parts of your Honda Talon such as your bed or your backseat. You won’t find a better selection of aftermarket side by side roof rails, safari racks, and roof racks for the Honda Talon anywhere else than right here at Everything Honda Offroad. We have all the best Honda Talon roof racks and safari racks from all the best brands in the aftermarket UTV parts and accessories industry such as Prinsu. In addition to a great selection of side by side roof racks and safari racks for the Honda Talon, we also have all the miscellaneous roof storage parts and accessories you need to store gear and cargo on the roof of your Honda Talon. For instance, we have high quality roof storage rails for the Honda Talon.

If you’re in need of a good quality UTV roof storage rack for your Honda Talon, you really can’t go wrong with the Honda Talon 2 Seat Roof Rack by Prinsu. This is one of our most popular roof racks for the Honda Talon, and for good reason. This Honda Talon roof rack will work with any 2-seat model from 2019 to current and features a slick, low-profile design that really goes well with the Honda Talon's styling. With its heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum construction, this UTV roof rack for the Honda Talon is built tough to last without burdening your Honda Talon with a ton of extra weight or making it top-heavy. Installing this roof rack is easy, you can simply bolt it onto the roof of your Honda Talon without any drilling. This roof rack also features crossbars that allow you to add mounts and accessories for a variety of different things.

It’s about time you stop taking up what little interior storage space and bed storage space your Honda Talon has, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your Honda Talon’s seating capacity just to save room for your gear. Adding a safari rack, roof storage rack, or roof storage rails to the top of your Honda Talon solves all of these issues. Look no further than Everything Honda Offroad to find all the best roof racks and roof storage accessories for the Honda Talon!

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