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From Honda Talon metal roofs and Honda Talon aluminum roofs to Honda Talon audio roofs and other Honda Talon roof mods / roof accessories, nowhere can match the Honda Talon roof options that Everything Honda Offroad provides! No matter if you’re in need of a 3-piece Honda Talon 4 seater roof for your 1000x-4, or a 1-piece tinted polycarbonate roof to get unobstructed views of the sky in your Talon 1000r, we’ve got the perfect Honda Talon roof for you and your needs here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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For the racers out there looking to shed as much weight as possible, a Honda Talon roof made from aluminum or light-weight plastic is favorable. And for those who like to rock out when they ride, aftermarket Honda Talon roof stereo systems like the ones by Audioformz and Pro Box are great accessories to own. Whatever you value and whatever you do in your side-by-side, we’ve got a Honda Talon top for every occasion. We have roof graphic kits to stylize and personalize your UTV roof, and we have aftermarket Honda Talon metal roofs that are stronger and sturdier than their factory counterparts. The roof you run should integrate seamlessly with your roll cage, incorporating rear roof V braces that have gussets to tie into a harness bar if you have one. Your Honda Talon roof should also never drip, leak, or allow Mother Nature to impose her will on you, which is why many roofs have built-in grooves and channels to funnel water away from the cab. Billet end caps can be used on the roof tips to insulate the tubular structures, and aerodynamic features are often built into the roof, allowing riders to cut through the air with style and grace effortlessly.

For some riders, a Honda Talon hard top roof is the only way to go. But for others, there’s nothing wrong with a soft-top roof. Wherever you fall on this debate, we have all types and styles of UTV roofs to better suit your needs. In addition to roofs for the Honda Talon, Everything Honda Offroad also offers roof-related accessories such as roof racks, roof bags, and roof mounts. Safari racks and roof cargo accessories are popular, as there is very little storage space in the Honda Talon. Similarly, roof bags can increase your machine’s storage capacity while also protecting its contents. Given that other retailers unmatch our selection of roofs for the Honda Talon, if you can’t find the roof or roof accessory you’re after here, you won’t likely find it at all.

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