From Honda Talon metal roofs and Honda Talon aluminum roofs to Honda Talon audio roofs and other Honda Talon roof mods / roof accessories, nowhere can match the Honda Talon roof options that Everything Honda Offroad provides! No matter if you’re in need of a 3-piece Honda Talon 4 seater roof for your 1000x-4, or a 1-piece tinted polycarbonate roof to get unobstructed views of the sky in your Talon 1000r, we’ve got the perfect Honda Talon roof for you and your needs here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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Most UTV riders love the open-air experience of wind rushing across their smiling faces while cruising trails, but those smiles can be wiped away in short order. One bad experience getting caught in a torrential downpour, having too much mud splash into the cab, or getting a severe sunburn can quickly change the mood of the whole adventure. Fortunately, these are all preventable with a proper Honda Talon roof. It’s a simple part that makes a big difference in comfort, protection, and overall enjoyment, so it’s worth making sure the roof on your UTV is exactly what you need. Racers looking to shed every ounce of unnecessary weight will appreciate a Honda Talon roof made of aluminum or polycarbonate. Recreationalists who want an added luxury onboard can select a Honda Talon roof with stereo. No matter what you value and need in your side-by-side, we have a Honda Talon roof for every application. Everything Honda Offroad offers all the best Honda Talon aftermarket roofs with increased protection, improved aerodynamics, and better integration with aftermarket roof accessories.

If you want to upgrade your stock Honda Talon roof on a budget, then you should look at our 3-piece universal roof from Kolpin. Better yet, this product is a solid option for replacing your stock roof after damaging it during a rough impact. Honda’s UTV plastics are notoriously flimsy and fragile, so it doesn’t take much to turn the stock roof into scrap plastic. If you need an affordable Honda Talon hard top roof, then the Kolpin universal roof is a great way to save some money while getting reliable protection from the elements. You’ll have to drill out your own mounting points in the roof, but it comes with all the hardware needed to give you the overhead protection you need.

Many owners are in search of a roof that offers better long-term durability while also delivering improved visibility. If this is the case for you, then you’ll appreciate the tinted polycarbonate roof from Spike Powersports. This Honda Talon hard top roof is made from heavy-duty polycarbonate, and the tinting is internal to the material - there are no films that will start peeling away in harsh sunlight. Polycarbonate has proven its durability in multiple applications including roofs and windshields throughout the world of powersports, so you can trust it to handle whatever task you throw its way. The 1-piece design leads to easy installation, and the semi-transparent material emphasizes the joys of an open cockpit. If you’re hoping to find the perfect balance protection and riding enjoyment, then the Spike Powersports polycarbonate Honda Talon roof is a great choice for your machine.

Lastly, owners who want to invest in a roof that will last a lifetime should consider Kolpin’s Honda Talon aluminum roof. This roof is made of 8-gauge aluminum to absorb all the punishment you can deliver, and it can be installed in less than a half hour. The Kolpin aluminum Honda Talon hard top roof includes rubber seals to minimize both wear and noise, and the design features an integrated visor for protection and accessory mounting. This option is the most expensive of the three products described, but it is the most durable while also offering the best compatibility with other Honda Talon roof accessories. If you want this decision to be a one-and-done scenario, then the Kolpin aluminum roof is easily your best option.

In addition to overhead protection, we also offer roof-related accessories such as roof racks, roof bags, roof mounts, and an assortment of lighting accessories. Honda Talons have minimal storage space, so many owners make use of the available real estate on top of the roof. Before purchasing a new Honda Talon roof, we recommend you consider your likelihood of needing to utilize the space on top of the roof. Once you’ve determined your needs, purchase a roof with a design and materials that facilitate your need to add other roof accessories.

We know the roof is typically a low-priority area for improvement, but your UTV won’t be complete until you’ve replaced the stock roof with an aftermarket Honda Talon roof that meets your needs and riding preferences. Our aftermarket Honda Talon roofs deliver better protection, increased air flow, improved aerodynamics, and better integration with other roof accessories. Sure, your stock roof will last a while, but it won’t stand up to years of punishment like a quality aftermarket roof. When it comes time to replace your stock Honda Talon hard top roof, look no further than Everything Honda Offroad as your go-to parts supplier.

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