Shocks & Springs

For all your Honda Talon suspension needs, Everything Honda Offroad is your one-stop source. Whether you're experiencing shock problems or looking for upgrades, we offer Honda Talon spring kits, shock tuning advice, and complete suspension kits. Our product range includes Honda Talon shock covers and aftermarket caps, but you can also get more comfort and extra travel by tuning the shock pressure and adjusting the springs. Our experts can provide you with the necessary guidance to achieve optimal suspension performance for your Honda Talon. With our top-quality products and valuable advice, you can overcome any suspension issue and upgrade your Honda Talon's performance to enjoy a smooth, high-performance ride. Visit Everything Honda Offroad today for all your Honda Talon suspension needs.

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Honda Talon enthusiasts know that their off-road adventures require a superior audio experience. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or simply cruising down the highway, having a high-quality stereo system can transform your ride. Fortunately, there are countless options available to upgrade your Honda Talon's audio setup.

The first step in upgrading your Honda Talon's audio system is selecting the right speakers. There are plenty of brands that specialize in providing high-quality options designed for off-road adventures. For example, Kicker's Powersports lineup features speakers designed to withstand rugged terrain and provide crystal-clear sound. In addition, Rockford Fosgate's off-road speakers feature durable construction and impressive sound quality.

Of course, upgrading your Honda Talon's speakers is just one part of the equation. Your audio setup also requires a high-quality amplifier to drive those speakers. There are numerous options available, ranging from powerful models that can handle large speakers to compact units designed for easy installation.

After selecting your speakers and amplifier, it's time to consider the other components of your audio system. A subwoofer can add extra bass to your music and further enhance your listening experience. Similarly, soundbars and overhead audio systems can provide a complete audio setup that's easy to install and use.

Of course, no audio system is complete without the necessary accessories. Wiring kits, amplifiers, and other components can make it easier to install and use your new audio setup. Fortunately, a range of complete audio kits are available that include everything you need to upgrade your Honda Talon's audio system with minimal hassle.

Ultimately, upgrading your Honda Talon's audio system can make your off-road adventures even more enjoyable. Whether you're looking for crisp, clear sound or powerful bass to accompany your favorite tunes, there are countless options available to meet your needs. With the right components, you can transform your Honda Talon into a mobile entertainment center that enhances your off-road experience.


When it comes to maximizing the performance and handling of your Honda Talon, having a high-quality shock system is crucial. That's why Everything Honda Offroad offers a wide range of shock kits, springs, and replacement shocks designed specifically for the Talon.

Upgrading your Honda Talon's shocks can significantly improve your vehicle's handling, stability, and overall ride quality. Whether you're a serious off-roader looking to tackle tough terrains or a casual rider seeking a smoother ride, Everything Honda Offroad has the perfect shock system for you.

One of the most popular upgrades for the Honda Talon is a shock kit. These kits include everything you need to upgrade your vehicle's shocks, including high-quality shocks, springs, and other necessary components. Everything Honda Offroad offers shock kits from top brands like HCR Racing, Shock Therapy, and Fox.

In addition to shock kits, Everything Honda Offroad also carries a wide selection of replacement shocks for the Honda Talon. Whether you're looking to replace worn-out shocks or simply want to upgrade to a higher-quality system, they have you covered. From adjustable coilovers to piggyback shocks, their selection of replacement shocks is sure to have what you need.

Another popular upgrade for the Honda Talon is a set of high-quality springs. Everything Honda Offroad offers a variety of spring options, including progressive rate springs, dual rate springs, and more. Upgrading your Talon's springs can help improve its handling and stability, making it easier to tackle tough terrain.

At Everything Honda Offroad, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest-quality products and services. That's why all of their shock systems are designed and manufactured by top brands in the industry. With their expert knowledge and years of experience, they can help you find the perfect shock system for your Honda Talon.

In conclusion, if you're looking to upgrade your Honda Talon's shocks and suspension system, Everything Honda Offroad is your go-to source. From shock kits and replacement shocks to high-quality springs, they have everything you need to take your Talon's performance to the next level. Visit their website today to explore their full selection of products and services.