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From Honda Talon air intake snorkels to complete Honda Talon snorkel kits, few accessories will protect your rig from mud, water, and snow like a Honda Talen snorkel. Whether you’re after a Honda Talon snorkel kit, a Honda Talon 4 snorkel, or a Honda Talon snorkel, get both Honda Talon snorkel kits as well as Honda Talon snorkel install instructions by visiting Everything Honda Offroad!

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The Honda Talon takes you places your everyday commuter vehicle never could, that’s why you got it. Woods, deserts, swamps, there’s really nowhere that’s off limits when you own a Honda Talon. Off-roading is a ton of fun, but it doesn’t come without hazards. One of the most common off-road hazards is water. Whether you need to cross a stream, splash through a puddle, or make it through mud that may be more water than dirt, you are almost certain to be forced to negotiate with water at some point in your Honda Talon ownership. Unfortunately, we hear horror stories all the time from Honda Talon owners who get a little too ambitious and take their vehicle somewhere they shouldn’t have without the right equipment. While your Honda Talon won’t fall apart if it gets a little wet, once water gets inside your vehicle it gets the ball rolling on eventual corrosive water damage. Unless you want to risk destroying or corroding sensitive parts and components on your Honda Talon, you need to install a snorkel kit.

Installing a snorkel or snorkel kit on your Honda Talon is really a no-brainer, especially if your off-road adventures take you to not so dry places. A snorkel kit allows you to move your Honda Talon’s engine air intake from the bottom of the vehicle to somewhere around roof height. A Honda Talon snorkel means you can safely drive through water without worrying about water getting into your engine and turning your Honda Talon into a useless pile of scrap metal. Without a snorkel kit for your Honda Talon, you must deal with that nagging anxiety over potentially damaging your engine every time you get near water. A good Honda Talon snorkel kit allows you to charge through streams and puddles smiling instead of cringing.

Exploring new terrain in your Honda Talon 1000 is a blast but if you want to be truly unstoppable, installing a snorkel on your Honda Talon is a must. Think equipping your Honda Talon with a snorkel needs to be difficult? Think again. With a Honda Talon snorkel kit, you can get all the parts and components you need to easily install a snorkel system on your Honda Talon in one easy order. Snorkel Your ATV is one of our most popular and highly rated brands when it comes to Honda Talon snorkel kits. If you are sick of having to avoid the mud and muck, you can power through it with the Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV. While going above your Honda Talon’s factory water level recommendation isn’t something we encourage, we know that you sometimes find yourself in a little deeper than you expected. In order to be prepared for the worst, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a few extra inches of space. The Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV does just this. With one three inch riser high above your head, your Honda Talon can go deeper than other Honda Talon snorkel kits would allow you to.

Snorkel Your ATV is an expert in the field of aftermarket UTV parts and accessories, so you can be sure they have taken every aspect of the design of their Honda Talon snorkel kit into consideration. This aftermarket Honda Talon snorkel kit has been engineered to snorkel your CVT inlet, CVT outlet, air intake and all the vent lines without having to drill into your Honda Talon’s airbox or blocking any important air vent tubes. You will not be required to tune your sxs and the Honda Talon snorkel kit comes with detailed color instructions that will make installation a breeze.

There’s no reason you should be avoiding streams, puddles, mud holes, and other wet hazards when you’re out riding your Honda Talon. After all, you didn’t get it to keep it clean did you? With one of our many Honda Talon snorkel kits here at Everything Honda Offroad, you won’t have to shy away from any off-road obstacles. When you are ready to take your Honda Talon places where you have never gone before, check out Everything Honda Offroad for our full selection of snorkels and snorkel kits for your Honda Talon.

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