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Prevent damage and ensure that your rig is ready to ride year-round with the Honda Talon storage covers, Honda Talon cargo covers, and Honda Talon bed covers from Everything Honda Offroad. We’ve got Honda Talon dust covers for those in dry climates, as well as Honda Talon travel covers and Honda Talon trailerable covers to protect your side-by-side during transit.

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Weatherproof your side-by-side with a Honda Talon cover from Everything Honda Offroad. From seat covers and winch covers to shade covers and Honda Talon storage covers, we’ve got the perfect cover to protect and preserve your UTV. We have partial covers for the bed of the Honda Talon, and covers for specific high-value accessories. Winch covers, for example, are useful to protect the Talon’s winching unit from mud and water, and they are especially suitable for those who use synthetic winch lines, which can wear and rot when exposed repeatedly to wetness and high levels of moisture. Seat covers are another great protective accessory to extend the life of your stock or aftermarket Honda Talon seats. They can be easily taken off and cleaned after a ride, and they will bear the brunt of any scratches, cuts, or abrasion that would otherwise directly damage the upholstery of the seat. Protect your aftermarket Honda Talon accessories with covers, and they’ll thank you for it with longstanding dependability for years to come.

Like seat covers and winch covers, full outdoor storage covers for the Honda Talon will protect your investment from the ravages of Mother Nature. If you store your rig outside, leaving it exposed to the elements will wreak havoc on both the external and mechanical components. Rain and UV rays will eventually crack the seats and fade the body panels, and water will get into crucial systems and cause you problem after problem. Furthermore, an uncovered Honda Talon makes the perfect home for critters, which will happily gnaw through wires and convert any cozy nook or cranny into a master bedroom with an en suite. But covers aren’t just useful for defending idle machines. They can also be used for trailering applications. If you use an unenclosed toy hauler, covers can shield your Honda Talon from high-speed pebbles, sand-filled wind gusts, and corrosive road salts. You invested a lot in your Honda Talon, and if you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you.

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