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For those considering Honda Talon street legal kits and Honda Talon road legal kits, look no further than the XTC Honda Talon street legal kits and Ryco Honda Talon street legal kits from Everything Honda Offroad. Or if you already have a few Honda Talon street legal accessories -- like turn signals, mirrors, a horn, and a lighted license plate mount -- but are unsure how to make a Honda Talon street legal in your area, we can assist you with that as well!

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Making your Honda Talon street legal is relatively simple in some states. In other states, however, it’s easier to get a permit for a silenced machine gun than it is to make a UTV like the Honda Talon legal to drive on public roads. But if there’s a will, there’s a way; and with the Honda Talon street legal kits from Everything Honda Offroad, you’ll be able to have a road-ready side-by-side no matter if you live in Florida, Colorado, or Ohio. So regardless of whether you’ve got everything but a DOT-rated Honda Talon windshield, or if you require the works, from turn signals and horns to mirrors and street tires, you can find it all right here at Everything Honda Offroad! 

In states like Arizona, you can get your Honda Talon titled as a motorcycle. All you need to add is a Honda Talon turn signal & horn kit as well as some DOT tires. Once your bike is licensed, you can legally cruise downtown for breakfast, head out to the trails for a picnic lunch, then make it back home before supper. Even in states that allow road-legal side-by-sides, some restrictions still might exist as to where you can and cannot go. In Tennessee, for example, you can only traverse roads with a max speed limit of 55mph in your street legal Honda Talon. In places like Kansas and North-Central Indiana, you can title your Honda Talon as an off-road vehicle, and drive it on all roads except state highways and interstates. Keeping up on the local regulations where you ride is important to ensure that your Honda Talon remains compliant with the rules of the road. But whatever the law mandates, we’ve got the Honda Talon street legal accessories to help you avoid tickets wherever you ride!

There are states around the US where off-road vehicles are legally compelled to remain off-road. But thanks to the common interpretation of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, there is a workaround. If you find yourself in a state that has unfriendly UTV laws, to make your Honda Talon street legal, you must first title it out of state. But you can’t just title your rig in any state that allows for on-road UTVs. Instead, you must title your rig in a state that doesn’t require a state inspection, as well as a state that doesn’t require state residency. With, say, South Dakota license plates on your Honda Talon, so long as you have a proper title, registration, and proof of insurance, there’s nothing that your local police in Virginia can do about it. That being said, even if they’re not required by law, Honda Talon street legal accessories like mirrors, blinkers, brake lights, and horns are still worth having for the added safety benefits! 

Some riders opt for complete street legal kits like the XTC Honda Talon street legal kit or the Ryco Honda Talon street legal kit. But if you’d rather piece together your own Honda Talon street legal kit using individual parts / components, we can help you out with that. In addition to Honda Talon plug-and-play street legal kits, at Everything Honda Offroad, we also sell cage-mounted rear view mirrors, side mirrors, blinkers, horns, and all the necessary wire harnesses and mounts to tie everything together. Need help splicing in your turn signals to your brake light pigtail? Or how about some guidance when you’re running wires from your horn to your battery or busbar? Whatever your end goals may be, at Everything Honda Offroad, we’ll help get you there. We’ll not only sell you the best street legal parts and accessories for the Honda Talon, but we’ll also walk you through the install process and assist you with the upkeep and preservation of your aftermarket Honda Talon street legal accessories as well!

Aside from the big-ticket street legal accessories, we also offer the smaller Honda Talon street legal items that often get overlooked. Honda Talon windshield wipers, for example, are required in some areas, while Honda Talon licence plate mounts are needed in others. Regarding the latter, not just any old licence plate bracket will do. Instead, you might be required to run a lighted Honda Talon license plate holder. But whatever your local politicians have cooked up, don’t let them tread on you or your rights and exercise your God-given freedoms with the Honda Talon street legal kits, parts, components, and accessories from Everything Honda Offroad!

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