Switches and Wiring

Hook up any accessory and control it effortlessly from the driver’s seat with the Honda Talon wiring harnesses, Honda Talon switches, and Honda Talon switch plates from Everything Honda Offroad! We offer off-roaders universal Honda Talon wiring kits that can attach to anything from switch panels to busbars, as well as Honda Talon switch adapters, wiring connectors, and specialized wiring packages for winches, light bars, and sound systems!

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When adding accessories to your UTV, it’s important to think through the switch / wiring situation before any work begins. For example, are you partial to Honda Talon switch panels, or would you rather use flip switches and rocker-style switches? Some riders go with factory-style switch plates with harnesses and sub harnesses, while others choose products like the six-switch system by XTC Power Products. Further still, Honda Talon owners also have the option to wire their accessories directly to the vehicle’s primary or secondary battery! But regardless of whether you’re after a Honda Talon switch plate with a voltmeter, or some standard Honda Talon wiring harnesses, we’ve got the perfect products for any occasion here at Everything Honda Offroad! For those who like the idea of running switches that don’t require keyed power, we sell specialized Honda Talon switch boxes with key-on overrides to deliver power to your accessories without having to keep the key in the ignition. And for individuals who are looking for something sleek, simple, and safe, we offer solid state Honda Talon switch panels and switch plates that include fuses, relays, and other circuit protection measures to prevent shorts and surges. With plug-and-play Honda Talon wiring kits as well as reliable and clean Honda Talon switches, Everything Honda Offroad has the stuff to make you the master of your cockpit!

Among the many great Honda Talon rocker switches and Honda Talon dash switches out there, the laser engraved / laser etched Honda Talon accessory switches by ModQuad and DragonFire are both super popular. Both companies offer backlit switches with built-in LED lights and custom front graphics, and both are IP68 waterproof and certified by UL, CE, and ROHS. Similarly, the off-road firms Moose and Race Sport Lighting also make UTV switches and switch-related accessories for the Talon 1000x and 1000r, ranging from Honda Talon winch switches and light switches to Honda Talon lower switch panels. No matter if you prefer flip switches over push-button switches or vice versa, check out the switch and wire section at Everything Honda Offroad and you’re sure to find the exact product you seek!

On top of Honda Talon rocker switches, Honda Talon toggle switches, and pre-wired Honda Talon switch panels with sealed relays, at Everything Honda Offroad, we also sell Honda Talon accessory wiring, Honda Talon winch wiring, and Honda Talon wiring harnesses for the headlights, the reverse lights, and aftermarket light bars. A bunch of riders opt to install either 6-gang or 8-gang center console switch plates like the ones by SuperATV because they’re easy to wire, inexpensive, and take up only a small amount of space. You can mount them on the cage above your head, or you can relocate the gauge cluster and put a Honda Talon control panel in its place. You don’t have to be an electrician to wire up accessories in your Honda Talon. But if you’re struggling and in need of a Honda Talon wiring diagram, a Honda Talon headlight switch wiring diagram, or some other Honda Talon accessory wiring diagram, we can help you with that as well at Everything Honda Offroad!

Although some of the wiring components in the Honda Talon are universal, some accessories have different amperage requirements, and thus require specific Honda Talon wire harnesses. In some cases, Honda Talon wiring adapters or Honda Talon wiring connectors might be needed. In other cases, though, you’ll be able to get by with a plug-and-play busbar accessory wiring harness like the ones by XTC Power Products. But regardless of whether you’re wiring in a winch or wiring in a sound system, everything you need is readily available at Everything Honda Offroad!  

Keeping things old school with Honda Talon snap-in switch adapters and individual rocker switches for each accessory is all fine and good; but if you want to ride like it’s the 21st century, products such as the Honda Talon PowerSwitch Digital Switch Box by Garmin are the way to go! This innovative device lets users control up to six different accessories from a single unit, be they lights, horns, locks, or anything else! The accessories tied into the PowerSwitch are operable via Bluetooth using either your Garmin GPS or a smartphone app. Honda Talon switches and wiring products like this aren’t for everyone, but if it seems like something that you’d be interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have! And if other Honda Talon switches or wiring kits are on your radar, order them now so that they’re ready to rock before your next ride!