Tire & Wheel Kits (Pre-Mounted)

Be it a set of pre-mounted Honda Talon tires and wheels or an aftermarket Honda Talon tire and wheel package, get the right Honda Talon tire and wheel kit at the right price by shopping at Everything Honda Offroad! Not only do we sell kits similar to stock Honda Talon take off tires and wheels, but we also offer Honda Talon paddle tires and wheels, Honda Talon wheel and tire combos for mud, as well as individual Honda Talon spare tires and wheels.

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Side-by-sides are minimalistic by nature of their utilitarian purpose. This still holds true with high-performance UTVs like Honda Talons. The large majority of the components are absolutely necessary, or they are discluded from the end design. At the very least, they are replaced with something more versatile. Tires and wheels are included in the necessary components category. The stock Honda Talon tires and wheels are purpose-built and perform well. Of course, aftermarket support is exceptional with more refined and capable upgrades. Speaking of versatility, most aftermarket Honda Talon tire and wheel sets perform better than the stock setup, but they also look much better than the OEM components. 

In fact, we carry multiple Honda Talon tire and wheel packages for a variety of terrains. Do you need a pre-mounted tire and wheel set for mud, sand, or snow? Everything Honda Offroad has you covered! If you don’t want to stray too far from the factory setup, then you can look toward our direct OEM replacements for both the Honda Talon 1000R and 1000X models. Owners who want to upgrade to something more reliable for backcountry excursions should consider a pre-mounted Honda Talon tire and wheel set with bead locks. Bead locks ensure both the wheel and tire spin together as a single unit including during flat tire situations. They aren’t a long-term solution for perpetually deflated tires or bent wheels, but they will help you limp along another few miles to at least find a good place to pull over rather than being incapacitated on the spot.

Of course, not everyone needs a complete Honda Talon tire and wheel set. Many folks purchase two or three sets of tires at a time, but they may not decide to upgrade to a different set of wheels until later down the road. Everything Honda Offroad carries several options if that is the case for you. One of our best sellers is the Pro Armor Honda Talon Knight Dunes model. Their subdued design is enough to look sharp without being flashy, and their straightforward matte black finish works well with any color scheme, so you can buy these wheels knowing they’ll look great no matter how you accessorize the rest of your machine.

We also have a variety of pre-mounted Honda Talon tire and wheel packages for an assortment of different terrain types. For example, our Pro Armor Sand Kit includes the aforementioned Knight Dunes wheels along with a complete set of sand tires. This affordable tire and wheel package outfits your Honda Talon as a one-stop shop option for high-performance upgrades that look great and offer easy installation for novice mechanics. We know you would rather spend your time riding than wrenching, so we carry products that help you spend more time on the trail and less time in the garage.

Everything Honda Offroad has pre-mounted tire and wheel packages for any riding style and terrain type. If the trails in your area have 65” gates, then you’ll want to check out our Honda Talon front and rear wheel offset kits to keep your rig within the width limit. If you’re needing a staggered tire and wheel kit with positive offset for greater stability, then we can help you with that as well. We have a pre-mounted Honda Talon tire and wheel set for every terrain type, so you can enjoy the dual benefits of upgrading to a ready-made package for improved performance and customized styling. Our specialized tire and wheel kits are capable of tackling sugar sand, deep mud, boulder fields, and more. Of course, we can also sell you the wheels and tires as single items so your spare can match your other treads.

We take our Honda Talon tire and wheel sets seriously because we know you do too. We understand you want an easy solution that allows you to upgrade your OEM parts to aftermarket products that perform better and allow you to customize with a personalized aesthetic. Our Honda Talon tire and wheel packages are affordable, durable, and offer easy installation for anyone who can turn a wrench. Everything Honda Offroad is proud to be your go-to source for all Honda Talon tire and wheel sets. Let us help you get your UTV setup and back on the trail today!

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