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With everything from Honda Talon Maxxis tires and Honda Talon paddle tires to Honda Talon 30 inch tires, Honda Talon 32 inch tires, and even Honda Talon 35 inch tires, there’s no finer place to find Honda Talon tires for sale than Everything Honda Offroad. Regardless of whether you’re after a Honda Talon tire upgrade, or simply wanting to learn more about Honda Talon tire sizes, the right Honda Talon tire pressure, or other Honda Talon tire specs, we have your back in all areas here at Everything Honda Offroad!

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Whether you’re looking for terrain-specific tires like Honda Talon street tires or UTV paddle tires, or prefer all-terrain tires so you can handle a little bit of anything, Everything Honda Offroad is there for you when the rubber meets the road. The type of UTV tire that you choose depends on your end goal. Some Honda Talon tires will work with stock rims, while others require aftermarket wheels. Some tires are wider for better traction on mud, but these same tires might reduce your machine’s overall power. For a broad selection of off-road applications, the 30” Terrabite tires by Tusk give riders exceptional grip on a variety of terrain. They are big enough to handle the gnarly stuff, but not too big so that they rub at the full turn or when the suspension is fully compressed. Motohavok tires by EFX are also great all-around tires for the Honda Talon. Although the 32” Motohavoks do rub slightly on non-lifted machines, it isn’t much. There is a downside to these tires, however. Because they grip so well, you might not be able to do donuts or spin cookies unless you’re on a sheet of ice.

By using cheaper stock tires on the Talon, Honda was able to keep the price down. But this has resulted in the tread that wears rapidly, sidewalls that get damaged easily, and tires that are overly susceptible to flats. Rock crawlers and sand riders are particularly apt to damage stock tires. Be it sand in the bead or hard granite to the sidewall, when compared to harder and more resistant compound radial tires like the GBC Kanati Mongrel, stock tires just can’t compare. For desert riding, UTV sand tires are a must, and for mud bogging, we would suggest something like the ITP MudLite 2 tires or even an LT tire such as the Mud Terrains by BFGoodrich. Whatever terrain you’re looking to conquer, Everything Honda Offroad has the Honda Talon wheels and tires to give you the advantage.

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