Turn Signal & Horn Kits

Everything Honda Offroad offers Honda Talon turn signal and horn kits to ensure safe and legal riding. Choose from a plug-and-play kit or one with added features such as a horn. Our Honda Talon 1000r turn signal and horn kits blend well with the factory tail lights, while our turn signal and horn kits for the Honda Talon 1000x come with additional blinker LEDs for front and rear. With our Honda Talon turn signal and horn kits, riders can enjoy a safer and more convenient ride.

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When it comes to off-roading with your Honda Talon, safety is always a top priority. Having proper turn signals is not only safe, but it's also required by law in most states. Fortunately, Everything Honda Offroad has you covered with a variety of turn signal kits and accessories.

One of the most popular options for turn signals is a blinker or indicator set. These kits include a set of lights that flash on and off when you activate your turn signal. They can be mounted on the front or rear of your Talon and are an easy way to ensure that other drivers know when you're turning or changing lanes.

Another popular option is a Honda Talon turn signal kit. These kits come with everything you need to install turn signals on your vehicle, including wiring, switches, and mounts. They're designed to be easy to install and are compatible with most Honda Talon models. Plus, they're usually DOT-approved, ensuring that they meet all legal requirements for turn signals.

In addition to complete turn signal kits, there are also several accessories available to upgrade your turn signal system. For example, you can add a flasher relay that makes your turn signals blink faster or slower. This can be useful if you're driving in an area with heavy traffic or need to make quick lane changes.

Finally, don't forget about your Honda Talon's brake lights. While not technically turn signals, brake lights are an important safety feature that can make a big difference on the road. Everything Honda Offroad carries a variety of brake light kits that can be easily installed on your vehicle.

Overall, having proper turn signals and brake lights is essential for safe off-roading. Whether you prefer blinkers, Honda Talon turn signal kits, or other accessories, Everything Honda Offroad has everything you need to keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe. So don't wait any longer – upgrade your turn signal system today!