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Be it a plug-and-play Honda Talon turn signal kit or some Honda Talon turn signals with a horn included, stay safe and stay legal when riding with a Honda Talon turn signal and horn kit form Everything Honda Offroad! We’ve got Honda Talon 1000r turn signal and horn kits that integrate seamlessly with the factory tail lights, as well as turn signal and horn kits for the Honda Talon 1000x that come with ancillary blinker LEDs for the front and rear.

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If you ride in places like Arizona, all that is required to be street legal is a horn, a rear-view mirror, and a light for the license plate. In other states like Utah and specific counties in Idaho, you also need a turn signal system to be street legal. Whatever the case may be in your area, we’ve got the Honda Talon street legal kits and Honda Talon blinker kits to make your machine compliant and keep Johnny Law off your back. And even if you ride exclusively off-road, Honda Talon turn signals are still useful for group or club rides so the drivers behind you can tell when you’re turning. The Honda plug-n-play turn signal kit is a popular choice, as it is super easy to install and built specifically for Honda side-by-sides. That being said, it is a bit more expensive than other kits, and there are plenty of ways you can install blinkers in the Honda Talon without a kit at all. However, with the Honda set-up, you use the rear tail lights as back blinkers, which negates the need to install rear LEDs. This kit also has an automatic canceling function so that you won’t be riding around like a doofus with your UTV blinkers on.

Aside from OEM Honda Talon turn signal kits, companies like Tusk and XTC Power Products also make blinkers and street legal kits for the Honda Talon. While it is possible to wire up a home-made blinker system for the Honda Talon by running wires through the center tunnel under the center console, this takes both time and know-how. Figuring out where to put the signal lights so that they are effective, yet not ugly looking or out of place is more hassle than it is worth for most riders with busy lives. Whatever you decide to go with, be it a complete street-legal kit with a horn, signals, mirrors, and a license plate bracket, or just the Honda Talon indicators, at Everything Honda Offroad, you can get exactly what you need for your Honda side-by-side, nothing more, nothing less.

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