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With everything from pairs of Honda Talon 1” wheel spacers to Honda Talon 2 inch wheel spacer sets for all four wheels, Everything Honda Offroad is here with both Honda Talon front wheel spacers as well as Honda Talon rear wheel spacers! And on top of all that, we also carry a full line of Honda Talon wheel adapters so that you’re not restricted to using rims with the stock 4x136 Honda Talon bolt pattern!

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Honda Talons are some of the most capable and dependable machines on the planet, but they still have a few shortcomings. Honda, like all manufacturers, is limited in its ability to produce UTVs that are perfect for every user and riding purpose. They must design a side-by-side capable of delivering stellar performance in a wide-variety of environments, but it has to be affordable, reliable, and offer the potential for specialization. The first two caveats are obvious, but the ability to be modified and specialized is a bit less apparent. Sure, we all recognize most owners will add accessories or even completely overhaul certain OEM components with aftermarket upgrades. However, most of us don’t consider what it means to design a vehicle that performs well right off the factory assembly line, yet still allows the flexibility for aftermarket manufacturers to fill voids with parts and accessories that facilitate specialization. Luckily, Everything Honda Offroad is well-versed in both OEM and aftermarket products, and we strive to offer everything you need to customize your Honda Talon into your OHV dream machine.

One of the more common modifications many owners install is a lift kit. Sure, it gives your undercarriage a bit more ground clearance, but that’s only part of the equation. A lift kit with the stock wheel and tire setup is technically more capable than the OEM dimensions, but the real-world difference will be minimal. Of course, few owners stop with the addition of a lift kit and decide to add oversized tires to maximize off-road performance. Unfortunately, the additions of a lift kit and oversized tires, though seemingly beneficial, might actually be catastrophic, especially at high speeds or on slopes. The raised center of gravity leads to instability, so the UTV is more likely to tip over in precarious situations. Experienced owners will know to add wheel spacers to retain as much of the stock machine’s stability and balance as possible.

Honda Talon wheel spacers and adapters are some the least known, yet most beneficial, accessories owners can add to improve their Talon’s performance and aesthetics. Adding a Honda Talon wheel spacer kit is both easy and affordable. The average garage mechanic can install them within an hour, and their benefits significantly outweigh their cost. Wheel spacers are mounted between the wheel hub and the wheel, and they come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your needs. Generally speaking, taller lift kits will require thicker wheel spacers to maintain as much of the stock configuration’s stability as possible. Honda Talon wheel spacers are not specific to the front or rear end, and you can run whatever combination of spacer thicknesses you want.

Wheel adapters are the same thing as wheel spacers, but they allow owners to use wheels with bolt patterns that don’t mesh with the OEM bolt pattern. This means your flashy mall crawler can be outfitted with the same color scheme and style from head to toe. However, Honda Talon wheel adapters aren’t purely for aesthetics. Shrewd buyers will know to buy adapters that accommodate their styling preferences while still maintaining a bolt pattern and construction built to withstand harsh punishment on the trail.

Owners hoping to run slightly larger tires without a lift will also benefit from a quality set of Honda Talon wheel spacers and adapters. As mentioned, spacers and adapters widen the UTV’s stance for improved stability and handling in challenging terrain, but they do much more than that. They provide additional clearance for the brake and suspension components tucked behind the wheel, correct wheel offsets, and reduce rubbing on wheel wells and fenders. Lastly, they significantly enhance your machine’s aesthetic with a more aggressive stance.

Unfortunately, a Honda Talon wheel spacer kit is one of the last things most owners consider buying. Many people eagerly shell out thousands of dollars on lifts, new wheels, and oversized tires, but they don’t realize it’s all a waste until they regain some of the stability they lost due to those other additions. A quality set of aftermarket Honda Talon wheel spacers will ensure your specialization endeavors are worthwhile without breaking the bank. Everything Honda Offroad wants to help you customize your machine to your heart’s content without suffering losses in performance, so we carry all the best accessories for your Honda Talon. Look through our extensive catalog for your next upgrade today!

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