Irrespective of whether you’re in need of some aftermarket Honda Talon wheels / Honda Talon rims for your 1000r / 1000x, or if you simply want to learn more about the Honda Talon wheel bolt pattern, Honda Talon wheel offsets, or Honda Talon stud size / torque specs, find both the parts require as well as the information you need by reaching out to Everything Honda Offroad. We’ve got Honda Talon beadlock wheels, Honda Talon 14” wheels, and Honda Talon 15” wheels for all uses, riding styles, and terrain types!

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Nothing ties together the look of your Honda Talon like its wheels or rims. Not only are wheels crucial in completing the look of your Honda Talon, they also play a big factor in your Honda Talon’s off-road performance. Believe it or not, good off-road traction and handling isn’t all about tires. Wheels can make or break your Honda Talon’s performance, regardless of how good of tires you have. To save on cost, Honda didn’t design the best stock wheels for the Talon. While cheap wheels make the price of the Honda Talon more attractive, it also means many Honda Talon owners end up going with aftermarket wheel replacements for the sake of looks and performance.          

From OEM replacement wheels for the Honda Talon to 14” wheels, 15” wheels, and even 18” wheels, we’ve got it at Everything Honda Offroad. Our selection of Honda Talon wheels and wheel accessories come from a wide variety of some of the most renowned aftermarket UTV wheel manufacturers. Want to go all black with the rims on your Honda Talon X? We’ve got you there. Want to stand out with bronze rims on your Honda Talon R? We can hook you up with those as well. With Honda Talon wheels and rims from companies like System Three, AMS Tires, and STI Powersports, you can’t go wrong when you shop at Everything Honda Offroad.

Whether you’re looking to accommodate larger aftermarket tires for your Honda Talon or giving it a lift, bigger wheels or rims will be essential. Although you can technically fit larger tires on the Honda Talon’s stock 14” rims, the fitment is pretty tight. By using 15” rims, you’re less likely to get rocks lodged between the caliper and the wheel, which tends to happen a lot with 14” rims and ends up scratching or even breaking them completely. In addition to the longitudinal diameter of your Honda Talon’s wheel, you should also consider the distance between the mounting hub and the centerline of the wheel — also known as the wheel offset. If you go with the same offset on all four of your Honda Talon’s wheels, using 1.5” spacers in the rear will make your setup track the same as stock. Some riders choose to run a 6+1 offset to keep their Honda Talon’s width under 72”, due to the size of their trailer, trail width restrictions, and parking space limitations. Other Honda Talon owners go with a 5+2 offset and use 1.5” wheel spacers to keep the front and back the same length, but this will make the wheelbase even wider. On a stock Honda Talon, the front wheel is a 5+2 offset, and the rear wheel is a 4+3. This means that you can either use 1″ spacers in the rear and run 5+2s all around, allowing you to haul a spare that works on all four corners. You can also just get specific front and rear wheels to match your Honda Talon’s factory offset. Alternatively, you could also run a 4+3 offset all around and have the Honda Talon be slightly wider in the front.

When it comes to wheels, one of the biggest upgrades you can make to your Honda Talon is switching to beadlock wheels. Like the height and offset of your Honda Talon’s rims, beadlock wheels will also play a significant role in the performance of your Honda Talon. Beadlock rims ensure that the tire and the wheel are tightly attached together so that both rotate simultaneously. For riders that ride with low tire pressure, beadlock rims can help to prevent blowouts. Beadlock wheels for your Honda Talon also lead to a noticeable upgrade in traction and handling. System 3 makes solid beadlock wheels for the Honda Talon, and even beadlock rims made for the Can-Am X3 can work on the Talon, although the offset will be a bit off.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your Honda Talon’s cheaply made and plain looking stock wheels? Whether you want to upgrade your Honda Talon’s look, off-road performance, or both, a new set of wheels is never a bad choice. Regardless of the rim style, its size, or the material it’s made out of, Everything Honda Offroad is sure to have the right Honda Talon wheels and tires for you and your UTV.

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