Get peace of mind as well as the ability to extract your rig from the gnarliest of mud holes with a Honda Talon 2,500 lb winch, a Honda Talon 4,000 lb winch, or a Honda Talon 5,000 lb winch from Everything Honda Offroad. Browse our selection for a Honda Talon warn winch or something similar, or pick up a complete Honda Talon winch kit complete with a winch bracket, winch wiring, and winch controls!

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Picture this. You’re off-roading deep in the wilderness with your Honda Talon, twenty miles from home. The trail you’re on is getting muddier and muddier. It’s all fun and games until your Honda Talon’s tires start to spin and you realize you’re stuck. You try not to panic as the sun gets lower and lower, but the harder you try to get out, the deeper your Honda Talon sinks. Without a good Honda Talon winch, you’re going to be here for a while. This is the nightmare scenario that Honda Talon owners hedge against by installing a UTV winch. With a winch on your Honda Talon, you can pull yourself out of the mud in minutes instead of having to call your buddy who had the sense to install a winch on his UTV.

Sure, you could tote around some Maxtrax recovery tracks on your Honda Talon to use when you can’t get traction in mud, sand, snow, or slush, but even these devices can’t save you when your Honda Talon is stuck in the deep stuff. Not to mention, good luck not getting yourself covered in mud when using recovery tracks to free your Honda Talon. When you’re mired in waist-high mud, high centered on a snow drift, or stuck in the middle of a creek or river, a Honda Talon winch will be your guardian angel. Many riders like to attach UTV winches to their Honda Talon via winch bumpers. Not only do winch bumpers help to protect Honda Talon winches, but they also hold them higher on the machine. This makes your Honda Talon’s winch more accessible and easier to use when you’re stuck or submerged. Warn winches are popular among Honda Talon side-by-side owners, and so too are the Black Ops Honda Talon 3500 lbs. winches by SuperATV.

Don’t know where to begin installing a winch onto your Honda Talon? Does it sound like more trouble than it’s worth? A Honda Talon winch kit is your solution. Our selection of Honda Talon winch kits offers all the hardware and components you need for serious pulling strength in one easy order. Some Honda Talon winch kits come with everything you need to be operational, but for the ones that don’t, Everything Honda Offroad has both winch wires and synthetic ropes as well as fairleads, stoppers, and any other winch accessory that one might want or need. Be it a Honda Talon 4500 lbs. winch or a Honda Talon 2500 lbs. winch, for the best side-by-side UTV winches on the market, everyone in the know buys from Everything Honda Offroad.

Honda Talon winches with wireless controls are good because you can safely operate them without having to be inside the cab or down in the mud. That being said, Honda Talon winches controlled via manual switches in the dash, center console, or elsewhere in your Honda Talon’s cockpit are just as convenient in many cases and they don’t require batteries to perform their job. As far as wiring goes, the Honda Talon winch kits from Everything Honda Offroad include a power wire that you attach to the battery. Simply bend it over like a 90°connector and attach it to the left side of the battery solenoid. Installing a Honda Talon winch can easily be done with brackets and winch mounts, but many riders choose to use hitch receivers to attach their winches on the front or rear of their Honda Talon. Similarly, rear pull plates and recovery shackles from companies like L&W and KFI can also be installed.

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of being trapped tire deep in the mud, upgrading your Honda Talon with a winch is a no brainer. Whether it’s you or your buddy who gets stuck next time you go out riding, you won’t regret having installed a strong winch on your Honda Talon. No matter what kind of Honda Talon winch or winch accessory you’re after, we’re sure to carry it at Everything Honda Offroad. From Badland winches and winch guards to every kind of winch mount imaginable, browse our impressive selection of Honda Talon winches and winch recovery gear so you can get unstuck no matter what sticky situation you get yourself into.

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