If a front a-arm on your Honda Talon is bent but still drivable, if a rear a-arm is functional but not tracking straight, or if you just want to upgrade your control arms with stronger, high-clearance a-arms, Everything Honda Offroad has what you’re after. We have Honda Talon OEM a-arm replacements for those who decided a tree was a good place to test the durability of their machine’s control arms, as well as a-arm guards to minimize damage no matter what pops up on the trail. Irrespective of the year and model of Honda Talon you own, — be it the Talon R, The Talon X, or any year of either — you’ll find the right a-arm-related accessories at Everything Honda Offroad. Many riders looking to run larger tires on their Talon opt for high clearance a-arms. This creates more room, enabling the use of bigger and more rugged tires without the need for a lift kit. Companies like L&W Fab, SuperATV, and Highlifter make amazing high clearance a-arms for the Honda Talon, which not only provide more ground clearance, but also strengthen the underside of the side-by-side.

While replacement front and rear a-arms can be installed when the stock a-arms get damaged, many riders prefer proactive approaches to maintaining properly-functioning a-arms. For this, a-arm guards are crucial. Like their counterparts for trailing arm and swing arm protection, front and rear a-arm guards can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from metals like aluminum, to thermoplastics like UHMW polyethylene. While the former may be stronger and better able to resist high-impacts, the latter has a lower coefficient of friction, allowing your Talon to deflect and slide over any protrusion or hazard it encounters. Whether you need a-arm guards for the front and rear control arms of your Honda Talon S, replacement a-arms for your Honda Talon X, or high clearance a-arms for any year or edition of the Honda Talon, whatever you’re in search of can be found at Everything Honda Offroad.

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