There are countless reasons why a Honda Talon owner might want to enclose the cab of his / her machine. For one, Honda Talon cab enclosures can help moderate cockpit temperatures. Whether it’s a chilly fall morning or a bitter cold winter day, sometimes, even a Carhartt and a full-face snowmobile helmet with a breath box aren’t enough to keep you warm. In addition to the warming effects of a Honda Talon cab enclosure, another reason riders like to partition their cab from the outside world is dust. Aside from a full-blown air pumper helmet system, the best way to stay dust free when riding your UTV is to install a cab enclosure — and there are a few ways to go about it. One way is to enclose your vehicle’s cab piece by piece. Installing lower doors by companies like McNasty, throwing on Trail Armor upper door enclosures, and adding SuperATV front and rear windshields will give you pretty good coverage in the cockpit. But if you opt for OEM Honda doors, you might want to consider getting a door seal kit as well, which will restrict the flow of dust and cold air.

If you ride exclusively on grassy fields, damp trails, or paved blacktop, you may not have any issues with dust. However, in dusty conditions, running front windshields and vinyl back windscreens without doors and windows will turn your buggy into a hoover cyclone. This, however, isn’t exclusive to Honda side-by-sides alone. Most UTVs get inundated by dust if they’re partially enclosed. You could spend hours looking for air leaks and plugging them with pipe foam, or you could just install a Honda Talon cab enclosure. With enclosure systems that are simple to install and disassemble, you can fully enclose your rig during wintertime, then open things up so you don’t overheat in the summer. From hard enclosures for the Honda Talon S, to soft enclosures for the Honda Talon X, Everything Honda Offroad has the right enclosure system to fulfill all your desires.

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