If you’re looking for a little more rumble in your Honda Talon, if you’re wanting to add more horsepower, or if you want better responsiveness, an exhaust system from Everything Honda Offroad will do all that and then some. We have full exhaust systems for the Honda Talon, as well as exhaust tips and slip-on exhausts. It is arguable whether there are horsepower gains to be had from replacing the exhaust header in the Honda Talon, which is why slip-on exhausts are very popular. HMF makes a good slip-on pipe and fuel maximizer, and riders can also benefit from aftermarket billet intakes and intake tubes. You can replace the plastic restrictor on the throttle bodies with a slightly larger machined aluminum piece, and you can also eliminate the massively restrictive air box that is tucked under the right rear fender. Regardless of the exhaust modifications you make to your machine, however, you should definitely consider tuning your machine accordingly. With a remapped ECU, your Talon exhaust will run like a dream, giving you a noticeable increase in power as well as a deeper tone when you ride.

From EVO Big Gun exhausts for the Honda Talon to the dual Stage 5 exhaust from Trinity Racing, if you want an exhaust that is powerful and nasty sounding, you’ve come to the right place. Our full stainless-steel exhausts with cerakote ceramic coatings help to better control heat and guide exhaust fumes out the end of the pipe. Although Honda did a great job designing and manufacturing the header portion of the stock exhaust system, many riders choose to replace the entire unit with a full aftermarket exhaust; because if there is any leakage in the exhaust system, it won’t perform to its highest potential. With regards to Honda Talon exhausts, more efficient fuel management plus better airflow makes for a happier machine. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your Honda Talon exhaust, Everything Honda Offroad has everything you need and more.

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