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If you’re considering aftermarket Honda Talon seat belts, you’ve come to the right website! Because here at Everything Honda Offroad, our selection of Honda Talon seat belts, Honda Talon harnesses, and other Honda Talon safety accessories is simply unrivaled. We offer factory-style Honda Tallon seat belt kits, replacement Honda Talon seat belts, and stock-style Honda Talon seat belt components like seat belt bolts, seat belt clips, and seat belt straps. Aside from our vast selection of stock-style seat belts, we also provide riders with aftermarket Honda Talon seat belts and Honda Talon safety harnesses. Drivers who race around at breakneck speeds as well as those who venture through technical pathways typically take extra safety precautions. Among these precautions include things like Honda Talon 4-point harnesses, Honda Talon 5-point harnesses, and Honda Talon Simpson harnesses. But regardless of how risky you are behind the wheel, it never hurts to augment and fortify the safety systems in your Honda Talon! 

You’re not a cat, and you don’t have nine lives to blow through. So protect what you’ve got and make sure to install the most effective Honda Talon safety accessories around! It’s one thing to protect yourself on the track or trail, but for those who ride with friends and family members in the passenger seats, using the right Honda Talon safety accessories become especially important. Honda Talon safety equipment like helmets are worth considering at the very least, and they’re often required on a state level or to gain entry into private tracks / ORV parks. For children, however, a heavy UTV helmet may actually be more dangerous than no helmet at all. For an underdeveloped neck, big full-face helmets pose a serious risk to the upper neck and spine. Similarly, youth riders are also at risk when it comes to Honda Talon seat belts and harnesses. To stay on the safe side, youth-sized Honda Talon harnesses should be installed for smaller riders. And regardless of the size of you and your passengers, things like harness shoulder pads and adjustable shoulder strap connectors are great for increasing comfort and ensuring a proper fit. 

You can’t put a price on safety. But just because you’re safe, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. And for this reason, we make it a point to work with established UTV accessory makers that emphasise both safety and comfort. The 3” safety harnesses by Dragonfire Racing, for example, are super plush, with memory foam padding to guarantee that you remain comfortable on even the longest of riding days. Similarly, firms like G-Force, Corbeau, and Crow Safety Equipment also make 3” 4-point harnesses as well as 2” padded 5-point harnesses that don’t ride up and bolt right in with the OEM fasteners. And let us not forget the 3” Simpson D3 5-point harnesses, which will never slide off your shoulders and are perfect for kids!

Many aftermarket seat belts and harness kits come with a Honda Talon seat belt bypass plug. Without a Honda Talon seat belt override, your machine will remain in “granny mode”. While this might be fine for those who let their children drive, it is quite annoying for the speed fiends among us who need their daily fix of adrenaline to function. Seat belt bypass plugs are pretty cheap, but if you’re familiar with the Honda Talon seat belt bypass location, all it takes is a jumper wire in the seat belt buckle to complete the circuit. You can fashion your own Honda Talon seat belt bypass mechanism out of wire or old electrical connectors, then either wrap them snugly with electric tape or solder them together and shrink wrap everything for good measure. 

Whatever Honda Talon safety needs you may have, get with Everything Honda Offroad to make sure they get met properly. Be it Honda Talon safety nets, Honda Talon seat belt extenders, or Honda Talon safety Harnesses, when limbs and lives are on the line, it pays to go with professional-grade gear. And although you might fancy yourself as invincible, all it takes is one reckless move without the proper Honda Talon safety accessories to buy yourself an express ticket to the hospital or grave. So don’t diminish the importance of safety and get everything you need to remain well and whole from Everything Honda Offroad!

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