Most riders have zero issues with the base shocks on their Honda Talons. Unlike live valve shocks for the Honda Talon — which have more components and thus more ways of going wrong — the base Honda Talon shocks can be replaced with different options if they go bad. Nevertheless, whatever style of shocks you prefer, we’ve got the Honda Talon shocks and shock replacements for every riding application. We have shock upgrades that replace the shock caps for live valve shocks that are sagging, clunky, or rattly. If your bike is flattened out like an old school muscle car, replacing your shocks will help. And for those that want greater suspension length, we have longer Honda Talon shocks with more travel that won’t bottom out on rugged whoops or rough landings. Adding some preload can help mitigate sag, but to get rid of that uneasy body roll feeling, some aftermarket shocks from companies like Shock Therapy or FRC will certainly help.

Shock Therapy specializes in side-by-side shocks, and they were among the first companies out of the gate to test shock setups and conduct R&D for the Honda Talon. As far as spot-on tuning and proper weight setups, Shock Therapy knows what it takes to make quality UTV shocks and shock kits. Not to be outdone, FRC has also been in the side-by-side shock business for years, having seen great success in Razors and YXZs with pro drivers at the Lucas Short Course. Yes they also make shocks for quads and dirt bikes, but all they do is shocks and suspension, and they’ve been doing it since the 90s. Although they specialize in premium springs and shock work, FRC doesn’t make shock kits, instead opting to create custom suspension setups for particular machines and riding styles. This might be great for Honda Talon live valve shocks that are low on nitrogen — which only need to be recharged back up to 200 PSI in both the front and rear. If, however, the issue stems from deeper issues or damaged components, a new shock or complete shock kit is likely needed. Whatever the case may be, feel free to browse our selection of Honda Talon shocks to make your rig ride smoother, firmer, or however you want it to ride. And if you have any questions, give us a shout and we’ll answer any and all questions you may have about upgrading or replacing your Honda Talon shocks.

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