Are the rocks in your neck of the woods stronger than usual? Do the trails you ride have large stumps protruding from the ground or other dangerous obstacles? No matter what kind of riding you do, defending the underside of your machine with Honda Talon skid plates will ensure that you are protected for years to come. Many riders like to run 3/16” aluminum Honda Talon skid plates like the ones by Ricochet Off-Road. These provide coverage across the entire frame of the vehicle, from the front a-arms and CV boots to the rear trailing arms. You can get complete rock slider skid plate coverage, or pick and choose the sections you think you’ll need. Like Ricochet Off-Road, Factory UTV also makes a complete skid plate package that includes both tree kickers and rock rails. Even if you ride exclusively in deserts or on dirt roads, all it takes is one errant projectile to poke a hole in your Talon’s oil pan. Furthermore, without skid plates, loose gravel, mud, sand, and road salt will slowly but surely erode the bottom of your rig. Sure the undercarriage of your Honda Talon is out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. So equip your vehicle with Honda Talon skids today!

Like Factory UTV and Ricochet Off-Road, Trail Armor Honda Talon skid plates are easy to install, stay bolted on, and can withstand significant blows without ripping or tearing. Aluminum skid plates are great, but they aren’t the only game in town. UHMW polyethylene skid plates, for example, are super strong, super durable, and able to slide over obstacles without sticking or getting hung up. This last point is important, because if your skid plates are too sticky, they might bend the frame of your vehicle where the skids bolt in on the female ends. Additionally, skid plates with drain plugs come in handy, as they don’t collect and hold water, mud, or other debris above them. Whether you’re rock crawling, hill climbing, or topping out your UTV on the Bonneville or Badwater salt flats, you’re taking a serious risk if you ride without proper Honda Talon body armor, Honda Talon Under armor, and Honda Talon skid plates. Get your skids today and don’t regret not having them tomorrow!

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