As a child, you learn to avoid the deep end of the pool until you are confident in your swimming abilities; and the same goes with side-by-sides. But instead of floaties and pool noodles, your Honda Talon needs a snorkel kit to swim. If you make the mistake of going too deep in your Honda Talon without a snorkel, you’re bound to regret it. So before charging fearlessly into that puddle or across that creek, make sure you install a Honda Talon snorkel. The 3” Warrior Riser Honda Talon snorkel kit by SYA is a popular option, as it is easy to put on with rubber boot connectors, it doesn’t require any special tuning, ECU adjustments, or jetting to avoid choking the motor, and it comes with water-repellent pre-filter tips that can be snapped on and off as needed. Like SYA, Triangle ATV snorkels are also made to fit the Honda Talon S and Honda Talon X series, snorkeling the machine’s air box, vent lines, intakes, and exhaust ports.

Honda Talon snorkels not only prevent water from getting into your machine’s internal components, but they also help to keep the air filter cleaner. And like snorkels for water, particle separators can also be installed to protect your Honda Talon from dirt, dust, and other airborne particles. Companies like S&B, KWT, and Donaldson all make Honda Talon particle separators with virtually identical flow rates, achieving up to 98% efficiency in dust and particle extraction. There is a federal standard for filtration efficiency called ISO 5011, which is used by these companies as well as most major filter manufacturers. Be it particle separators for dust, or snorkels for water, mud, and powdery snow, Everything Honda Offroad has the equipment you need to keep junk from getting inside your machine. Don’t be afraid of getting wet, and install a Honda Talon snorkel kit on your side-by-side today!

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