Are you looking for a little more width on the front or back of your Honda Talon? Would you like all four tires to stick out the same distance? No matter if you need more space to run larger tires or if you just want your rear wheels to track with the fronts, Honda Talon wheel spacers will let you personalize your rig to match your riding preferences. Some riders run the same offset all around with no spacer, but this puts the front and back tires at different widths. For those that want everything to be equal, 5+2 offset wheels with 1.5” spacers in the rear will even everything out, adding about two inches to the total width of the vehicle. For lifted Talons, wheel spacers will widen the rig’s stance, making it more stable and less top heavy. Wheel spacers will also help to move your tires away from the shock mounts, allowing you to run fatter aftermarket tires without any rubbing. Be it ultra light-weight wheel spacers from RB3 or some aluminum Honda Talon wheel spacers from SuperATV, you can find them all at Everything Honda Offroad.

While some riders opt for offset rims instead of wheel spacers, claiming that spacers put extra stress on the wheel bearings and other parts of the UTV, there are published scientific studies that have found there to be zero adverse effects from running wheel spacers. In fact, many of the pro racing teams, including Team Honda, use wheel spacers on their vehicles. In addition to 1”, 1.5”, and 2” wheel spacers for the Honda Talon, we at Everything Honda Offroad also offer wheel adapters for those looking to run rims with non-matching bolt patterns. Whether you’re wanting to install some flashy bronze rims on your mall crawling machine, or some aftermarket offset wheels on a rig that takes nothing but abuse from the trail, for Honda Talon rim adapters and wheel spacers, Everything Honda Offroad has you covered.