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The factory winch kit from Honda is way under accessorized. You could have the baddest UTV winch around, but without the right Honda Talon winch accessories, you may as well just use a come-along jack. So if you have a winch (which you definitely should), make sure you also carry a recovery kit that is equipped with all the right winch accessories — the best of which can be found right here at Everything Honda Offroad. First and foremost are Honda Talon winch mounts. Unlike winch bumpers, Honda Talon winch plates and Honda Talon winch brackets will mount your winch directly to the frame of the vehicle. No matter how stuck you get, you’ll be able to winch your way to safety without having to worry about your bumper getting ripping off. Not all winches work with all winch mounts, and the more powerful the winch, the wider it generally is. KFI brackets work with KFI Honda Talon winches, but they can also be used to mount the 5,000lb Badlands winch. There’s no need to fabricate your own Honda Talon winch mount at home, because Everything Honda Offroad has the right mount for any UTV winch on the market.

Once you know your winch is firmly secured to your Honda Talon, you can begin to add other winch accessories to your UTV recovery kit. Winch line extensions are good to have in case you get stuck far away from any natural anchor point, and artificial winch anchors like the Pull-Pal will also come in handy if your extended winch line can’t reach a nearby winch anchor. Similar devices are also great to have when riding on frozen lakes, where the risks are high and there are no natural anchor points. A well-equipped Honda Talon recovery kit should also contain various shackles, hooks, and tree trunk protectors. Pulleys and snatch blocks can be used to give your winch a helping hand when you’re stuck in the deep stuff, while winch cable hook stoppers and winch fairleads are great for guiding your winch line, preventing lateral strain, and stopping the winch before it over-reels. You might have a great side-by-side winch, but with the proper Honda Talon winch accessories, you’ll be truly unstoppable.

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