Door to Door Shipping Protection

Product Protection Plan

We insure your purchase with us at no extra cost! We provide 100% free coverage for all items we ship, up to $750. You use your hard-earned money with us, so we want to ensure you get your item, in perfect condition! The minute your order leaves our warehouse to the second it arrives at your door step, we have you covered! Missing, lost, broken, damaged, we got you covered at no extra cost.

Lost or Missing Product

No problem, it happens. We got you covered and will replace the item at no extra cost.

Damaged in shipping

No issue, we will send replacement parts or product at no charge.

Quick and easy resolution

All claims resolved within 7 business days.

Zero deductible

We'll never charge you a deductible after the purchase of a plan.

Peace of Mind

Use your product freely and without worry. We have you covered!

Customer-focused Support

We offer a simple, easy claims process with a customer service team that is happy to help.

* Lost Items: replacements will be delayed 7 business days. Please check with neighbors and shipping carrier prior to contacting us. Usually, a simple inquiry with shipping carrier can clear up the situation and uncover the packages whereabouts.

* Damaged Items: we will seek evidence of the damage via images