OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Honda Talon

May 14th 2024

OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Honda Talon

Nothing tunes you into the Honda Talon experience quite like a high-quality aftermarket steering wheel. The feel of fine leather in your hands, the superior control that comes from ergonomic design, and the assurance that your Honda Talon steering wheel will hold up through the roughest rides will completely revolutionize your experience for the better. Beyond replacement steering wheels, Everything Honda Offroad also has Honda talon steering wheel accessories, like hubs and adapters, bolt kits, backing plates, push-to-talk plates, center caps, and much more. Whatever you need, we’ll continue to hand-select only the most robustly and efficiently designed options from the best brands.

Honda Talon Steering Wheels: D-Shape, Quick-Release and More

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with either the classic flat or deep dish design for your Honda Talon steering wheel, but if you’re looking for a bit extra leg room, we even have D-shaped steering wheels, like these from DRT motorsports. They’re covered with genuine leather and suede, ergonomically contoured for superior grip and comfort, and compatible with paddle or sport shift vehicles. The same goes for the rest of our steering wheels, which are designed exclusively with lightweight, yet high-grade aluminum and other materials, covered with real leather (none of that smelly, sticky stuff!) and made to last a very long time.

                                         Two Honda Talon D-Shape Steering Wheels by DRT Motorsports sitting next to each other, uninstalled and against a blank background

Hubs and Adapters Too!

Whether you’re looking to embrace the convenience of a quick-release Honda Talon steering wheel (seriously - you won’t go back) or if you simply need an adapter or hub to fit your new steering wheel on, we apply our “no weak points” philosophy to these important accessories as well, offering the best Assault Industries, DRT Motorsports, and PRP Seats adapters and hubs. Our hardware is made with high-grade billet aluminum, attractive accents and logos, and is compatible with 6-bolt steering wheels.

                                           A Honda Talon Steering Wheel Hub by Assault Industries, bearing the Assault Logo, uninstalled and against a blank background.

All the Accessories You Need

Finally, if you’re simply looking to upgrade your existing steering wheel, Everything Honda Offroad has a broad range of Honda Talon steering wheel accessories available, including push-to-talk plates, center caps, bolt kits, steering wheel hangers, and more. As always, we cut no corners when it comes to workmanship, and strive to only provide real-life solutions to the challenges all of us riders face. Speaking of, those deep ruts and steep hills are calling now: mount up with a new Honda Talon steering wheel and/or accessory and get back out there!