Choosing the Best Tires for your Honda Pioneer or Talon

Apr 12th 2020

Choosing the Best Tires for your Honda Pioneer or Talon

Selecting good tires for your Honda Talon or Pioneer isn’t a decision that should be made on a whim. When thinking about the type of tire you’re looking for, think about the function you’d like that tire to have. Will you be doing more off-roading in your UTV, or will you be flying over the dunes, kicking up clouds of sand behind you? Different tires offer different functionalities, and finding one that best suits your needs will improve the performance of your unit while enhancing your safety. Knowing the type of tread you’ll need for the terrain you’ll most commonly be riding in will help you find the perfect balance between fun and safety. Here are four categories of tires that your UTV likely falls into that will optimize the performance of your machine.

Sand Tires

Your Talon will rip through the sand with ease when outfitted with treads made to cut through the soft granules. The Pro Armor Sand Rear Tire has been constructed as a 4-ply, 16-paddle tire with 1-inch scoops that will have you flying effortlessly through the dunes on a hot summer day. Lightweight and flexible sidewalls have been created to increase the flotation and stability, further enhancing the tire’s ability to handle the high speeds while giving it the strength needed to handle the extreme horsepower.

Mud Tires

You’ll need something strong to rip through the thick mud puddles you’re bound to encounter during your adventures, and mud tires are built specifically to get the job done. The Pro Armor Dual-Threat Tire has been engineered with dual compound technology and radial construction to offer the best off-road performance while giving you the adrenaline rush you deserve. The lateral-grip compound on the outer edges of the tire feature a softer durometer rubber for enhanced cornering performance and superior grip. The long-wearing compound in the middle of the tire has a harder durometer rubber for increased traction during acceleration, straight line stability and overall longer tread life. 

Rock Climbing

Conquering even the rockiest cliffs will be a breeze when your unit is equipped with the right tires. The Pro Armor Crawler XR 33-inch Tire is constructed to provide high-level traction to help grip the rocky surfaces and keep your unit climbing. This tire is meant to be on the rocks, with a highly puncture-resistant material, an aggressive tread pattern and 8-ply rated Armor Belt construction to provide superior performance.

All-Terrain Tires 

Sometimes it’s best to have something that will work across the board, and the same can certainly be said of UTV tires. All-terrain tires are perfect for the general rider looking for coverage across a wide range of different surfaces while fully optimizing their tires to the fullest. True to its name, the Pro Armor Dual-Threat tire was built specifically to produce a stellar off-road performance in all terrains, including mud, trails, rocks and sand. 

There are several options available to customers looking for a set of new tires to enhance their rig. If you intend to use the same set of tires everywhere you go, the all-terrain tires may be the way to go to ensure you have coverage across a broad range of terrain types. However, for those looking to improve their experience in a specific terrain, specialized tires are going to be the way to go while being worth the investment. No matter what you choose, do your research before making a final purchase, and have fun ripping up the sand dunes, speeding down the trails, or conquering that rocky interface you’ve always dreamed of scaling.