How To Find Your Honda Talon / Honda Pioneer Roll Bar Size

May 3rd 2021

Whether you’re wanting to mount a full glass windshield onto the front roll bars of your Honda Pioneer 500, or a couple Rough Country whip lights on the rear roll bars of your Honda Talon 1000r, figuring out the roll bar size of your Honda Talon or Honda Pioneer ROPS is an important thing to do. Tools like calipers are perfect for measuring both the inside and outside diameters of your vehicle’s roll bars, vertical pillars, and horizontal support beams, while a simple tape measure can also be used to ascertain the diameter of your Honda UTV roll bars. To calculate the radius of any given roll cage segment, simply divide the circumference measurement by pi (3.14159) to get the diameter of your Honda Pioneer or Honda Talon roll bar, then divide the diameter by two to calculate the radius! Alternatively, if you’ve got a stock Honda Talon or Honda Pioneer roll cage, you can always just look up the measurements online at a place like Everything Honda Offroad!

Honda Pioneer 500 Roll Bar Size

The roll cage on a factory Honda Pioneer 500 measures in at 1 ⅝” -- roughly 1.625 inches or 41.3mm. That being said, most accessories made for a 1 ¾” cylindrical tube will fit with a little finessing on the Honda Pioneer 500 roll cage, while things like mirrors made for a 1.75” roll bar may require something like a rubber strip or a cut piece of PVC pipe as a spacer. If you look for bar clamps or cage-mounting brackets in a 1.625 / 1 ⅝” size, they will fit well. And if all else fails, some plastic or rubber shims will make things right as rain. Plus, by using padded spacers between your clamps and your cage members, you’ll avoid the metal-on-metal contact that often leads to wear and abrasion.

Honda Pioneer 700 Roll Bar Size

Like the P500, the outside diameter of a factory Honda Pioneer 700 roll cage is also 1 ⅝” or 1.625” -- with a 1 ½” cold-rolled bar being able to fit snugly inside. This measurement, however, excludes the bars on the front bumper, which measure 1.25 inches and 1.75 inches. As far as roll cage mounts go, you can use almost any 1.5” roll bar mount if it’s a two-piece clamp, but if it’s a one-piece flex-type clamp, getting one that measures 1.75” then adding some rubber shims on the inside will give you some added wiggle room. 

Honda Pioneer 1000 Roll Bar Size

On all Honda Pioneer 1000 editions -- including the Honda Pioneer 1000 3-seater and the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 -- the bars that make up the roll cage measure 1.75”. Quick Fist clamps, AJK Offroad tube clamps, and the roll bar clamps by Quad Logic are all solid options to choose. But regardless of whether you’re after light bar brackets, a clamp for your rear-view mirror, or something that will cinch down around your roll bars to hold a quick-release fire extinguisher, if you can name it, we’ve probably got it here at Everything Honda Offroad! 

Honda Talon R And Honda Talon X Roll Bar Sizes

The magic number for your Honda Talon roll bar size is 2 inches all the way around. Nevertheless, it’s always the exception that proves the rule, and there are a couple of exceptions with the Honda Talon 1000r and Honda Talon 1000x. For one, the tubing on the stock front bumper measures 1.5 inches. So if you’re looking to run a bumper-mounted light bar, make sure to take that into consideration. Furthermore, there are also some cross members -- like the small bar behind the seats -- that measure 1.5 inches or even 35mm. For the primary ROPS sections, however, you’ll be good to go with any 2” mount, clamp, bracket, or fastener! 

Closing Remarks

As the old adage goes, measure twice and cut once. And so it is with the stock Honda side-by-side roll cage dimensions. Aftermarket ROPS for the Honda Talon and Honda Pioneer may vary, but as long as you stick to the aforementioned measurements, you’re guaranteed to get properly-fitting roll bar mounts no matter which Honda UTV you own!