Introducing the New Honda Pioneer Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

Feb 15th 2024

Introducing the New Honda Pioneer Snow Blower / Snow Plow!

You’ve had your cocoa, thrown on the layers, and now it’s time to face reality; time to clear a path through all that snow. The question is, are you charging through it with a Honda Pioneer 54” Versatile Plus Snowblower by Bercomac, or will you be out there busting a hump to get it all scooped? We love the outdoors as much as the next side-by-side enthusiast, but not if it means shoveling all day. That’s why we highly recommend these powerful, efficient, and easy-to-install snowblowers by Bercomac. Let’s start the feature breakdown with everybody’s first question: Is she strong enough for the job?

Unparalleled Power and Precision

Even as you climb past 20 horses, poorly placed power can sap efficiency and even compromise the integrity of your UTV. This is why we’re big fans of the Honda Pioneer Snowblowers by Bercomac, as they install the motor in the center for perfect balance. Better still, these powerful plow/blower combos can accommodate a wide range of motors, from as low as 13 to as high as 23 horsepower. FYI, if you’re running a 2-cylinder Honda motor with a horsepower of 20 or higher, we recommend an additional Bercomac exhaust silencer for compatibility. 

                              A front-oblique view of a Honda Pioneer Versatile Snowblower by Bercomac, installed on a side-by-side and in use over snowy terrain.

Options Galore

Whether you want to go with the impressive 54” wide opening and 21” high blower of the Honda Pioneer 54” Snowblower or if you need a different size, Bercomac has rolled out an entire suite of options to suit every job and side-by-side. Also available are the 48” option (with a 15HP motor), the 54” with a 22HP motor (15HP is the other option), 66” option (22HP motor), or you could go all the way with the 72” option (22HP motor). Adding even more versatility is the extendible frame, adjustable from 73” to 112” for maximum versatility. Suffice it to say, this selection of snowblowers is all about options, and they’re all at your fingertips!

Easy Installation

Especially if you live somewhere with more unpredictable and/or extreme weather, a painstaking installation (and removal) process can definitely make or break your experience with a snowblower. Thankfully, the Honda Pioneer Snowblower Bercomac is engineered for extremely quick installation and removal, hooking on and coming off in just a few minutes. There’s no need to break out “the good tool box” and spend your entire morning getting this thing on. Even better, the sub frame attaching to your rear hitch helps distribute weight more evenly (and over the suspension) for superior balance and control.

                             A close-up shot of a Bercomac Snowblower mounted on the front end of a Honda ATV, parked in a lot

Safety, Durability, and Control

Thanks to a practically engineered 3 shear bolt safety system, even first-timers can run these Honda Pioneer Snowblowers by Bercomac with complete peace of mind. Everything runs on a single belt system, and the BX 55 belt helps to enhance longevity. This means more winters, more jobs, and far less hassle worrying about repairs or replacements. Finally, the electrical control box provides complete control of the chute, clutch, and engine, all from the comfort of your seat. The clutch being electric allows the snowblower to engage instantly, which is yet more time saved on your end.

Fresh Powder Awaits!

Let this be the first winter where you don’t cringe at the weather forecast. With the Honda Pioneer Versatile Plus Snowblower by Bercomac, you’ll be more than ready to take on everything from a light dusting to big chunky drifts. If you’ve got the skill, you might even keep your coffee from spilling! Check out our selection today and find the best Honda Pioneer Snowblower for you.