The Top 2021 Side-By-Side Events For Honda UTV Owners

Jun 7th 2021

The Top 2021 Side-By-Side Events For Honda UTV Owners

It's hard to have a bad time riding by your lonesome or with a couple of buddies. But if you’re looking to expand your network, meet like-minded people, and become more involved in the UTV community, there are many off-road UTV events, rallies, and gatherings you can attend across America. And although most of the major off-road events in 2020 were canceled, the 2021 list of UTV events in the pipeline are shaping up to be something special. So don’t get FOMO and haul your Honda Talon or Honda Pioneer to an upcoming UTV event near you!

February 2021 UTV Events

Cajun Muddy Gras

Kicking the year off with a bang is the Cajun Muddy Gras event held between February 11th and February 14th at the Muddy Bottoms ATV & Recreation Park in Serpenta Louisiana. The 2020 Cajun Muddy Gras was presented by Can-Am, which gave Honda Talon and Honda Pioneer owners to opportunity to juxtapose their rigs with similar BRP UTV models. Can-Am is going to sponsor the Cajun Muddy Gras again in 2021, as will SuperATV, Valveworks, and other UTV brands that you likely know, love, and perhaps even use. Not to be mistake for similarly-named events like the Mardi Gras Mudfest at the Creekside Offroad RV Ranch in Splendora TX, the Cajun Muddy Gras event in Sarepta LA will be jam packed with exciting events like parades, music sets, and of course, an ungodly amount of mud! 

Mardi Gras Ride

Located near the Neches River in Jacksonville Texas, the River Run ATV Park offers attendees amazing experiences no matter what month it is. But between Feb 18th and 21st, the park really awakens during the annual Mardi Gras Ride. The admission to River Run’s 2021 Mardi Gras Ride is $55, but once you're in, you’ll have more than your fair share of good times partaking in events like poker runs, bounty holes, treasure hunts, and a Mardi Gras parade!

Kanrocks Frostbite

The single-day K-Rocks Frostbite event that occurs annually -- and on Feb 27th in 2021 -- at the Kansas Rocks Recreation Park is a great way to commence your riding season! As you might gather from the name, it can get a bit chilly during this wintertime event; but with loads of coffee, hot cider, warm food, and friendly faces around every bend, you’ll be hard pressed to encounter chilly vibes -- even if you're not running a Honda UTV cab heater!

March 2021 UTV Events

Mud Rodeo

Starting March the right way is Mud Rodeo hosted at the Rock Creek Racing and Recreation Off-Road Park in Booneville Arkansas between March 5th and March 7th. Rock Creek Racing and Recreation is a family-owned ORV park that spans nearly 900 acres of woods, mountains, creeks and pastures, with everything from technical rock gardens and gnarly mud pits to dirt-bottom drag strips and high-flying motocross tracks.

Muddy Bug Bash

Taking place the same weekend as the Mud Rodeo, the 4th annual Muddy Bug Bash in Leakesville Mississippi offers something that almost no other side-by-side events have -- free crawfish! But if you want to experience awesome festivities with concerts, sandbars on the river, rental cabins, and a nearly endless amount of southern mud, the Muddy Bug Bash held at the Wild Country Off-Road park is a must-attend event! 

Shamrock Shakedown

Shamrock Shakedown

Shamrock Shakedown is held at WindRock Park in Oliver Springs Tennessee over St. Patrick’s day -- March 18-21. The event is presented by Titan OffRoad, with a starting time set for 3pm on Thursday. But if you're not the first in line, don’t worry, because there are more than enough camping spots available! In addition to live music, affable company, and all the riding you can handle, a raffle is also planned to take place at the Shamrock Shakedown where you can win great Honda Talon accessories and Honda Pioneer accessories like first aid kits, bump stops, and Rotopax fuel packs! 

Rednecks With Paychecks Spring Break

The spring break event hosted at Rednecks With Paychecks Off-Road between March 18th and March 21st in Saint Jo Texas is where riders can go to get down and dirty with those of a similar ilk. With bounty holes, tug-of-war contests, and mud crawls that offer cash prizes for the winners, you could potentially end the weekend with more money than you started with! For a hell-raising time during the 2021 spring break holiday, the Rednecks With Paychecks event is your one-stop-shop for mayhem and amusement!

SuperATV Mudd Mayhem

After the Mardi Gras Ride, the next event to be held at River Run ATV Park is the SuperATV Mudd Mayhem on the 25th and 26th of March. On top of events like “Crank It Up Contests” sponsored by Millar Light Bars, “Baddest On The River” sponsored by Rogue Off-Road, and a championship mud race to see who can actually walk the walk, SuperATV's 2021 Mudd Mayhem gathering is also going to have live music, treasure hunts, and poker runs! 

If you're busy during Mudd Mayhem, no worries, because SuperATV also sponsors an event called Mudapalooza over Memorial Day at Muddy Bottoms ATV Park, Rally in the Pines in Salmon Idaho between July 15th-18th, and the Sand Sport Super Show in Scottsdale Arizona starting September 17th!

Riding For A Reason

Unlike some of the other UTV events in 2021, Riding For A Reason isn't just for fun and games. Instead, the event is organized to raise awareness for colon cancer at the Bass River Resort in Steelville Missouri. The 6th Annual Riding For A Reason Spring Ride goes down on March 26th / 27th, with tickets available for adults, kids, and entire families. Kill two birds with one stone and ride while being a philanthropist by signing up for Riding For A Reason’s 2021 Spring Ride!

Backyard Mud Fest at Tower Trax ATV

Comprised of a 40-mile trail network situated on 2,600 acres of prime riding real estate, the Tower Trax ATV Recreation Park in Fulkner Louisiana is a hub for off-roaders of statuses, ranks, and vocations. Besides the beautiful surroundings, Tower Trax ATV Recreation Park also contains bathhouses, concession stands, bike wash stations, RV hook-ups, mud oval and drag racing complexes, as well as nearly half a dozen mud ponds to blast through and winch out of! Make your way to the Tower Trax Park for the Backyard Mud Fest, then come on back in June for the Bounty Hole Bash with a Friday-night foam party, a VIP pool party, concerts, and more!

Ride For Reid

Like Riding for a Reason, the Ride for Reid charity gathering is also put on for a great cause. It takes place March 26-28 at Adventure Off Road Park in South Pittsburg TN, and will host both food trucks and apparel booths. You can make a charitable donation at the event, or simply show your support through your attendance alone. 

Kanrocks Night Run

After freezing your hiney off at the Kanrocks Frostbite event, you can go back to the Kansas Rocks Recreational Park on March 27th to experience the Kanrocks Night run -- just make sure to have the appropriate lighting accessories to fend off the darkness! If you can’t make it on the 27th, Night Run events also take place at the Kansas Rocks Recreational Park on July 24th and August 21st!

April 2021 UTV Events

High Lifter Mud Nationals

In the second week of April (April 7th to the 11th to be precise) the self-described "largest mud party in the world" takes place at Hillarosa ATV Park in Blevins AR. Hosted by the event segment of HighLifter, the 2021 Mud Nationals is set to be even more epic than the prior years' events. And if you really enjoy yourself at HighLifter’s 2021 Mud Nationals, you can drive on up to Minnesota and partake in HighLifter's June 9-13 Off-Road UTV Rally! Join in the action or sit back and let the pros perform breathtaking stunts for your amusement!

Rattlesnake Hunt

On the first weekend after Easter in April, the Waynoka Rattlesnake Hunt is planned to go down at the Little Sahara State park in Oklahoma. But even if wrangling serpents isn’t your thing, this event has a host of other activities for the whole family to enjoy -- from carnival rides and food stalls to snake shows performed by professional reptile handlers!

International Mud Rider Convention

International Mud Rider Convention

After the memories you created during the Cajun Muddy Gras fade away to the back of your mind, you can make fresh experiences that you're sure to remember at the Muddy Bottoms ATV and Recreation Park in Sarepta LA during the 2021 International Mud Riders Convention on April 22-25. Drive on down to enjoy the nice spring weather, and put your rig through more mud obstacles than you’ve ever seen!

Windrock Park Spring Shindig

If you missed the Shamrock Shakedown at Windrock Park, here’s your second chance to join in on the fun! The Windrock Park Spring Shindig in Oliver Springs Tennessee is one of the biggest outdoor country concerts in the Southeast United States! Ride till you're heart's content during the day, then do a little swing dancing with your old lady to some live country music at night!

Busco Beach Mud Bash

Mud Bash week at Busco Beach & ATV Park in Goldsboro NC is your opportunity to test the limits of your Honda Talon / Pioneer and potentially earn a bit of coin in the process. Following the mud races, you can enter the park's Bounty hole for a chance to win the first-place prize of $750! And even if you're not too partial to mud holes, you can still come out in the black if you stick around for the cash giveaway of $2,500 that takes place on May 2nd! Come for the day or make it an all-week adventure; either way, you’re going to have a blast!

Mud Jam 12 

Between April 29th and May 2nd, River Run’s Mud Jam 12 takes place in Jacksonville TX. At the event, there’ll be a treasure hunt, a poker run, an “Engine and Egos” bounty hole series, live music, plus a whole lot more. So if you’re nearby and wanting to join in on the action, Mud Jam 12 at River Run won’t disappoint! 

UTV Rally Mormon Lake

With everything from campouts and s'more stations to giveaways and vendor tents, the 5th annual UTV Rally at Mormon Lake sponsored by Rugged Radios is ramping up to be one for the record books. The rally takes place May 7th and 8th at Mormon Lake in Arizona, where you can run the demo course, check out the most current UTV accessories, and watch the always-entertaining Hooptie races!

May 2021 UTV Events

Rally On The Rocks

For all you Honda Talon and Honda Pioneer owners out there with an inclination to rock crawling, the Rally On The Rocks ride in Moab Utah from May 11th-15th is a gnarly event that entails both technical trails and milder rock features. Since road-legal UTVs are allowed in Utah, you can drive your bike directly to the trailhead -- provided that you’ve got insurance as well as the requisite street legal accessories such as turn signal and horn kits, mirrors, license plate brackets, etc. Don’t miss out on the distinctive scenery, the caves, and the off-road camaraderie that will take place at the 2021 Rally On The Rocks! 

June 2021 UTV Events

Pioneer Takeover 2021

The Pioneer Takeover is a Tennessee group ride event for Honda Pioneer 700 owners, Honda Pioneer 500 owners, and Honda Pioneer 1000 owners. It occurs between June 4-5th at Ride Royal Blue Resort, so if you’re new to the side-by side scene and looking for some experts to talk shop with, or if you’re an experienced rider wanting to impart your knowledge and wisdom onto the younger generation of Pioneer riders, this event is your opportunity to meet people, make friends, and ride till you can't ride any further!

Redneck Rave

With the 3 Ms (mud, music, and mayhem), the Redneck Rave at Blue Holler Offroad Park is frequently described as the wildest and craziest party of the summer. Because it takes place concurrently with the TN Trail Jam between June 16th and June 20th, you’ll have to make up your mind about which event to attend. But if you enjoy raucous revelry, hill climbs, tug-of-war contests, and Kentucky sunshine, the Redneck Rave at Mammoth Cave is your opportunity to throw down with your friends in 2021! 

UTV Takeover

UTV Takeover is marketed as the biggest UTV event tour in the United Sates, and on June 23rd - 27th, UTV Takeover is coming to Coos Bay Oregon! The destination is breathtaking, the activities are exhilarating, and the price for general admission is only $25! You can watch the Huckfest, Wheeliefest, and Sand Drag events, then make your way to the cornhole tournament to see if your throwing abilities match your driving abilities. Head over to the Stereo Wars sponsored by MB Quart to see what folks run for audio equipment, then mosey on down for a little R & R near the main stage. Whatever you're interested in, UTV Takeover is sure to offer something for you. And if you can’t make it to the June gathering in Oregon, the UTV Takeover is also held July 28th - August 1st in Grundy Virginia, September 8th -1 1th in Waynoka Oklahoma, and October 20th - 24th in Hurricane Utah! 

July 2021 UTV Events

Heroes On The Dunes

On July 16th and 17th, Heroes On The Dunes will transpire with an aim to pay homage and respect to America’s injured soldiers and their family members. Heroes On The Dunes goes down at Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears Michigan, where there will be honored guests, a “Heroes Dinner”, and other activities such as a parade down Lake Michigan beach and games for the kids. Whether you've served in the military or not, this event is a great way to show your support for America's men and women at arms.

November 2021 UTV Events

SxS Adventure Rally

Right after UTV Takeover culminates in Hurricane Utah, the 2021 SxS Adventure Rally begins at Sand Hollow State Park. Registration for this event opens on July 1st, so order your ticket as soon as you can to get first priority! The trials in the area are rocky and scenic, so adjust your suspension accordingly and bring your binoculars to take full advantage of the sights!

December 2021 UTV Events

The Mint 400

Before you make your wintertime plans for the holidays, do a little digging into The Mint 400 that takes place between December 1st and December 5th in Las Vegas / Primm Nevada. Observe the action as a spectator, or join in as a racer, but don’t get stuck in the cold this winter and make your way down to Sin City for some hardcore UTV racing!