Top 3 Most Popular lubricants, liquids, and grease for the Honda Pioneer and Talon

Jan 15th 2022

Top 3 Most Popular lubricants, liquids, and grease for the Honda Pioneer and Talon

When it comes to our Honda Pioneer or Honda Talon, us owners tend to become pretty obsessive over things like maintenance.

Top 3 Most Popular lubricants, liquids, and grease for the Honda Pioneer and Talon

The overall well-being of our Honda side-by-side is of the utmost importance to us, and we care after them as if they were our child. And in our defense, our UTV’s provide us with almost as much joy and fulfillment as a kid, right?

The saying “smiles per mile” really does ring true when thinking about the next time we will get to fly down our favorite trail in a Pioneer or Talon. Hands down, one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have!

In order to keep enjoying these memory filled experiences, however, there are definitely some general maintenance activities that need to be fulfilled. And along with these maintenance activities, some particular Honda Pioneer lubricants, liquids and grease will be required to keep things running at the high level of performance we have come to expect and admire from our Honda UTV’s.

So what exactly are we talking about here?

Oil? Surely.

Transmission fluid? Duh!

Don’t worry, we won’t keep you guessing. Lets take a deep dive and talk about everything fluid and lubricant related needed to keep your Honda side-by-side in tip-top shape!

Honda Pioneer Oil Changes

Honda Pioneer Oil Changes

We are all used to changing the oil in our cars on a regular basis, and not just when there is a visible leak or issue. 

Every three to five thousand miles, isn’t it? Even though it should go without saying, a regularly scheduled, proper Honda Pioneer oil change is of the utmost importance. Oil changes keep your UTV running the way it should, and help to prevent damage from impurities and debris that ends up in the oil pan over time.

Keeping Honda Pioneer engine oil on hand will ensure you’re ready to go next time your side-by side is due for standard maintenance. Just don’t forget to keep a Honda Pioneer oil filter on hand too, since it is recommended you replace those with every oil change as well. 

To make things even easier, entire Honda Pioneer oil change kits exist to ensure you have everything you need all in one easy package. That way when the time comes for an oil change, you’ve got the oil, filter and all materials needed to get the job done right the first time.

Honda Talon Transmission Fluid Swaps

Although not required nearly as often as an oil change, your Honda Talon transmission will eventually need its fluid swapped. On average, this maintenance will need to be done every two years. Keep in mind, however, that the more hours and harder you drive the Talon or Pioneer, that this estimate may vary greatly. 

Many people choose to have their mechanic or dealership perform this vital maintenance. For the grease monkeys among this community, thankfully, you can buy Honda Talon transmission oil and have it on hand for your next swap. 

So, we’ve covered the obvious fluids in your Honda Pioneer and Talon.

Oil changes are a given.

Transmission fluid, although not as often required as an oil change, will always creep up on you when its time draws near.

So what else needs lubrication on your Honda Pioneer?

So what else needs lubrication on your Honda Pioneer?

As it turns out, your Honda side-by-side happens to have a cam-chain installed on it. Similar to a chain on a motorcycle, or even the bike you had as a kid, this chain will need proper lubrication.


Well, things get dirty!

Dirt, debris, dust hair etc. can all collect on chains of any sort on a motor vehicle. All of which can lead to unnecessary added friction, stress, wear and tear on the chain itself. When you use proper lubrication, however, most of these issues are alleviated.

A proper chain lube such as the Honda Pioneer / Talon Chain Lube by Moose will help to keep your cam-chain in its best shape, which in turn aids in keeping your UTV at its peak performance.

And if we are being honest, peak performance is what we all desire, isn’t it?

Closing Thoughts

Aside from the ever important oil changes, semi-annual transmission fluid swaps, and regular cam-chain lubrications, a few other small liquid-maintenance issues exist.

Simple Honda Pioneer fuel additives can help to ensure your Honda Pioneer or Talon still throw your head back when the pedal hits the metal. And keeping your radiator full of antifreeze and Honda Talon coolant additives makes sure that your UTV doesn’t overheat and un-alive itself out on a trail.

Thankfully for you, here at Everything Honda Offroad we stock all of the top lubricants, liquids and greases in a one-stop-shop for your convenience. So you have no excuses when it comes to keeping your Honda Pioneer or Honda Talon running at its best!