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For riders that want the convenience of a UTV radio kit in their Honda Pioneers but don’t want to add any further draw to their electrical system, a portable radio kit is a great solution that won’t create a large load on the battery. For those who want something more permanent mounted on their dash or roll cage, things like CB and VHF radios can be had that are made specifically to fit the Honda Pioneer. CB radios that work on the citizens' band are pretty useful — especially if everyone in your crew has one. However, they are limited by network effects, as fewer and fewer people communicate with CB radios on the citizens' band. You might get the occasional trucker if you ride near an interstate or highway. But back in the boondocks, chances are there will be few to no people using CBs. Other radio frequencies, such as very high and ultra-high (VHF and UHF), increase in popularity. UTV owners like to run UHF and VHF radios for communication purposes, and they’re also in use by Forest Service officials, search and rescue teams, and emergency medical technicians. For this reason, radio broadcasting is governed and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. Specific radio frequencies are restricted for official government use, while some frequencies can be used only by a bearer of particular licenses.

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Regardless of your knowledge or interest in radios, we’ve got a Honda Pioneer radio kit that is perfect for you. For novices, we have UTV radio setups that are plug & play to use and about as simple to mount. Plug it in, mount it up, give it some power, and let er’ rip; simple as can be. Rugged Radios branded UTV radios are among the simplest to use. Despite their simplicity, however, they are more than sufficient in terms of range output and still allow for further customization and adjustability. For those who know their way around a radio, we have radios like Bao Feng, Bendix King, Speedcom, and Kenwood, which offer many powerful features that an everyday Honda Pioneer owner may not need. Be it a multi-person radio setup for your fleet of worker UTVs or something with a large range for emergencies, here at Everything Honda Offroad; we deal exclusively in the best products, so you know our UTV radios and radio kits are top-of-the-line.


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