How to decide what Honda Pioneer or Talon tires are right for you!

Jan 30th 2022

How to decide what Honda Pioneer or Talon tires are right for you!

A quick search online for Honda Pioneer or Talon tires will make one thing extremely apparent: there are way too many tires out there!

Hundreds of different, reputable brands manufacturing so many different types of tires. But what tires does your side-by-side really need?

With the information overload you’re likely experiencing right now, let's take a few moments and go over the pertinent details you need to make an educated decision on your new set of Honda UTV tires.

For starters, there is a different type of tire for every use case and type of terrain you could possibly be driving your Pioneer or Talon over. Mud, rocks, sand and dunes, all of which have one thing in common: your stock Honda UTV tires may not be able to handle them with ease.

So, what tire type is right for you? Let's find out!

Honda Pioneer or Talon Mud Tires

How to decide what Honda Pioneer or Talon tires are right for you!

When it comes to driving your side-by-side through muddy terrain, one thing is for certain: mud is always unforgiving.

Although your stock tires may get you through some of the lesser muddy trails in the area, a seriously muddy trail will leave you stuck quicker than you think. Stock tires usually do not have the depth, nor an aggressive enough tread to get you out of that muddy hole you dug when making a wrong turn on the trail.

Embarrassing, to say the least, right?

If you have a set of Intimidator Terrain Tire by Super ATV and all of their knobby glory, however, you’ll find your Pioneer or Talon making quick work of the muddiest of bogs. (They also look pretty awesome in my opinion).

Tires for Sand and Dunes

What about not-so-wet terrain, though, such as beach sand and dunes?

The loose sandy nature of beaches and dunes presents a unique traction-less situation for pretty much any motor vehicle without the proper tires. Normal tires will have you spinning your wheels digging your Honda Pioneer or Talon deeper and deeper into the soft sand.

Paddle style rear tires like the Honda Pioneer/Talon Sand Rear Tire 30 X 14 X 15 by Pro Armor paired with proper front tires such as the Sand Front Tire 30 x 11 x 15 by Pro Armor will have you flying through sand and jumping off of dunes in no time. The unique designs to these types of tires helps the UTV to maximize traction on a terrain that in a way functions like water would.

Don’t get caught without proper dune tires, or you’ll be calling for a tow out of there before you know it!

Rock Crawling Tires

Rock Crawling Tires

For those that live in areas that aren’t sandy, or are usually devoid of any sort of rain/inclement weather that may cause mud, rock crawling quickly becomes a super fun pastime.

When I think of rock crawling, I immediately think of the awesome trails in Utah and Moab that you always see in videos. Usually dominated by someone in a Jeep Wrangler or similar off-road beast, it is sometimes easy to forget that your Honda UTV can be a major contender in the sport.

Especially the Honda Talon…

With a proper set of rock crawling tires like the Honda Talon XT SlikRok Edition Warrior Tires by SuperATV your side-by-side will be well equipped to take on the rocks.

But what can you do to ensure your Talon has the proper ground clearance for rock crawling, as well as the ability to equip these larger, fatter more aggressive tires? That part is fairly simple thankfully.

Adding a few more upgrades to your rock crawling build will be in order:

Rock Crawling Tires

When you upgrade your Honda Talon axles with long-travel axles, add high clearance A-Arms, and protect these investments with A-Arm guards you are setting your newly minted rock crawling monster up for success. These mods paired with your shiny new rock crawling tires will ensure you have a formidable machine on the rocky trails, but also literally anywhere else you decide to take your Honda UTV.

What about Everyday or Street Tires?

Now that we covered some of the more extreme off-road tires and use cases, let’t touch briefly on everyday tires. Because a great set of all-terrain tires like the Honda Pioneer/Talon AT Warrior UTV Tires by Super ATV can replace the plain old stock tires you had on there since you brought the side-by-side home.

Tires like these, however, are great multitaskers. While they’re phenomenal off-road and on trails, they are also perfect for riding on the street. And although your UTV may not be street legal yet, we also happen to have everything you need to make your Honda Pioneer or Talon street legal as well as a great walkthrough of the whole process here.

And just like that, we are at the end of our tire-buying journey. I hope you now have the knowledge you need to make the right decision to pick up the perfect tires for your Honda side-by-side!